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Procuring for digital assessment outcomes

New Zealand schools are increasingly using digitally enabled pedagogy, and NZQA appreciates that NCEA assessments need to reflect these evolving practices.  NZQA has a goal to have NCEA examinations (where appropriate) available online by 2020. 

NZQA is undertaking an outcomes-based procurement for digital assessment.  We are taking that approach as it provides us with the best opportunity to form a strategic partnership to move us from paper-based delivery of NCEA external assessments (examinations) to digital service delivery. This approach also ensures we remain focused on our goal of ensuring that learners Qualify for the Future World.

Central to our approach will be ensuring that NCEA examinations continue to be fair, valid and robust. NZQA will always retain ownership of the NCEA assessment.  We will focus on how assessment needs to evolve to support digitally enabled pedagogy.

NZQA will continue to provide regular updates on progress in this area.

More information on the procurement can be found on the Government Electronic Tenders Service (GETS).

Future State Programme Updates

In 2016 NZQA produced Newsbyte, a monthly newsletter informing schools and interested parties of the work being undertaken as part of the Future State Programme.

From 2017 NZQA will communicate actionable information regarding Future State through the Assessment Matters and eQuate circulars.

General interest Future State stories will be released via QANews.

The final edition of the Newsbyte for February 2017 can be accessed here (PDF, 810KB). This issue focuses on the 2017 Digital Trials and Pilots and summarises the streamlining of Future State communications.

Previous issues of Newsbyte

Read the Future State Newsbyte for November 2016 here (PDF, 1MB). This issue gives an update on Digital Assessment Transformation, including key dates and updates for the 2016 and 2017 Trials and Pilots.

Read the Future State Newsbyte for October 2016 here (PDF, 1MB). This issue includes information about new literacy and numeracy focused resources introduced by the Education Minister,  2016 key dates for digital assessment related projects, a 2016 NCEA Digital Trials and Pilots update (including intentions regarding the project's 2017 programme of work), digital moderation updates, and information regarding the Literacy and Numeracy 2016 Trial and 2017 Pilot.

Read the Future State Newsbyte for September 2016 here (PDF, 977KB). This issue includes information on the 2016 NCEA digital Trials and Pilots, digital moderation, supporting internal assessment work and the new Record of Achievement design update. A list of key upcoming dates in relation to various Future State projects is also included.

Read the Future State Newsbyte for August 2016 here (PDF, 1MB). This issue includes information on the various online digital trials and pilots that are underway; Literacy and Numeracy, Online Submission for Technology Standards, and a number of key dates in relation to the trials and pilots. There are also updates on the Procuring for Digital Assessment Outcomes project, the 'Universal' Record of Achievement project, and new resource information that supports the mātauranga Māori qualifications.


Read the Future State Newsbyte for July 2016 here (PDF, 544KB). This issue includes information on Digital Moderation, Submitted Subjects, Literacy and Numeracy, and a 2016 trials and pilots update (covering how to assess your schools readiness for digital assessment, and the availability of sample assessments).

Read the Future State Newsbyte for June 2016 here (PDF, 721KB). This issue includes information a programme to encourage Māori into STEM, a Transforming Assessment Praxis pilot to support internal assessment, and an update on the 2016 trials and pilots.

Read the Future State Newsbyte for May 2016 here (PDF, 715KB). This issue includes information on a review of NZQA's moderation services, an overview of planning for digital assessment trials and pilots to be undertaken this year, and background information on the Future State Programme.

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