Our first steps

NZQA is increasingly trialling processes and technologies so we can draw on the collective knowledge and expertise of users and within the education community.  We need to understand what works and what is possible.

NZQA in global settings

NZQA is raising the international profile of New Zealand qualifications through many activities to support export education services initiatives in key overseas markets. For more information, see Our role in international education. NZQA's activities support the Government's Business Growth Agenda goals for export education.

Initiatives include working with New Zealand agency and education sector partners to develop and implement government-to-government partnerships projects in the Middle East. These projects seek to use New Zealand’s innovations and expertise in qualifications recognition and the development and management of a national qualifications framework to build capability in partner countries towards the implementation of their education strategies.

NZQA has completed a government-to-government work programme with a partner agency in Thailand. The programme was jointly delivered with the industry training sector and focussed on building partner agency capabilities for the implementation of a vocational qualifications framework

Enhancing the Usability of the NZ Qualifications Framework

NZQA-CareersNZ website link

Careers information can now be accessed from the New Zealand Qualifications Framework through a link to employment information on the CareersNZ website.

The linkage is by way of an ‘employment pathways’ line on a qualifications page. The line features the CareersNZ logo with an embedded link to the CareersNZ website.

Users can access employment opportunities in two ways:

  • Qualifications offered by multiple providers. Click on the CareersNZ logo, then the provider who offers this qualification and follow that link. Scroll down to ‘What jobs can I do’.
  • Qualifications offered by a single provider. Click on the CareersNZ logo to link directly to that provider’s qualification. Scroll down to ‘What jobs can I do’.

Returning exam scripts digitally

NZQA is looking at how students can digitally access their marked exam scripts.  In February 2014, we partnered with New Zealand Post to trial this approach for NZ Scholarship students.  2,640 candidates registered and were able to access 4,668 documents. 

Reviews and reconsiderations of exam results were also undertaken using the digital image.

NZQA is currently evaluating this pilot, including getting feedback from candidates.

See how the process worked (PDF, 68KB).

Computer Based Assessment:  e-MCAT

Many NZ schools use “Education Perfect” (a computer based learning tool)

Using the same base technology, NZQA partnered with Education Perfect to pilot a computer based assessment for maths – e-MCAT. This pilot happened in 27 schools in September 2014.

Hear from Craig Smith, one of the founders of Education Perfect.

Special Assessment Conditions

NZQA is investigating the use of software that will convert text to speech and the feasibility of using this type of facility within an examination setting.  The software allows the candidate to "hover" the cursor over the text on the screen and the computer reads the text to them rather than having a person reading the exam to them.

A candidate would need access to a computer with the appropriate software and earphones to use throughout their examination.  

NZQA initially trialed this in September to December 2014 and has continued to explore this further since then. Special Assessment Conditions Report. (PDF, 899KB)

NCEA Student App

NZQA has developed a free NCEA Student App to help students track their NCEA credit progress and set goals for further achievement. The App allows students to set their goals, enter credits and track their progress towards NCEA levels 1 to 3 and University Entrance on mobile devices, anytime, anywhere.

The App ensures students have credible, up-to-date information on NCEA standards. It has a standalone database which includes all of the official information on standards and which will be updated periodically by NZQA.

Students have been involved in the design of the App from the beginning, and chose the functions that were of most value to them. See more detailed information about the App functionality.

NCEA Information At Your Fingertips 

NZQA has launched a new mobile App called NCEA Guide written for parents, whānau and employers.

The App provides quick and easy access to key information about NCEA. Content can be viewed in English and Te Reo Māori.

NCEA Guide for mobile devicesThe App makes practical information about NCEA more easily accessible and enables parents and whānau to access simple content about how NCEA works and how they can support family members studying for NCEA.

The App also supports employers seeking to understand and evaluate NCEA graduates and their qualification.

The NCEA Guide App is free to download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Get it now:

iTunes Preview or

Coming up, our website will also become more friendly to those who like to access it from their mobile devices. 

External Moderation Online

Providers (schools and TEOs) can use any online file sharing medium to enable digital materials to be viewed by NZQA for moderation.

For example, to date, we have moderated materials through Google Drive, Dropbox, MyPortfolio, blogs and websites. However, providers can use any other medium that is convenient to them.

The provider hosts the materials and simply enables NZQA to view them.

Further information can be found here, and any queries can be directed to modsub@nzqa.govt.nz.

Ensuring information is focused on the needs of learners is a key tenet of the Future State programme. As part of refreshing our website, NZQA is investigating linking up the New Zealand Qualifications Framework to other relevant information, such as career information (from Careers NZ), occupation outlook data (from Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment), and Studying in New Zealand.

Revised New Zealand Qualifications Framework booklet

NZQA has revised the New Zealand Qualifications Framework (NZQF) booklet to reflect how the evaluative quality assurance system supports and interacts with the qualifications framework.

The integration of the qualifications framework and the quality assurance system is key to the continuing integrity and enhancement of qualifications in the tertiary education sector.

The revised booklet now includes:

  • the principles underpinning the New Zealand qualifications listed on the NZQF and the quality assurance system
  • a description of the quality assurance arrangements for tertiary education organisations (covering both NZQA and Universities New Zealand processes).

The New Zealand Qualifications Framework (PDF, 606KB)

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