Universal Record of Achievement

NZQA has established a ‘Universal’ Record of Achievement project to expand the current Record of Achievement into a more comprehensive record to include all qualifications a learner has obtained, whether in New Zealand or overseas.

The new Record will be an accessible, accurate, comprehensive and authoritative record of a learner’s qualifications and other quality assured learning NZQA recognises.

This work supports other projects within the Future State programme looking for ways to promote credit recognition and transfer and recognition of prior learning, and quality assurance in a borderless digital world.

2016 work programme

NZQA has engaged with learners, the education sector and employers to explore how a ‘Universal’ Record of Achievement would better meet learners’ needs for a more comprehensive record, easier to use, available anywhere and anytime.

NZQA is now working on delivering an official electronic record which will show a wider range of qualifications achieved. A user/learner-centred approach is informing the design of the new Record.

Inclusion of more learning achieved

The Record of Achievement will continue to record NCEA and awards, and by the end of the year, the record will progressively display all qualifications achieved across the 10 levels of the New Zealand Qualifications Framework (PDF, 606KB).

As the project progresses, more components will be added to continue to expand the breadth of the record and also ensure the record supports lifelong learning.

Development of a learner- friendly record

NZQA has developed prototypes of what a ‘Universal’ Record of Achievement could look like. Based on feedback received (PDF, 322KB), it was determined that the Record will be available:

  • on a redesigned interface of the learner’s home page so that learners can view what is relevant to them (e.g. their relevant and/or most up-to-date qualifications, where the learning was achieved, etc.)

  • as an official electronic record that learners can print, download or send by email to a third party if they choose.

NZQA is currently seeking further feedback on these prototypes.

It is expected that the final design will be presented in August. As work continues to progress, NZQA will also communicate the approach taken to recognise non-NZQF learning.

Previous consultations on a ‘Universal’ Record of Achievement

Consultation with learners

In June 2015 NZQA sought feedback on the proposal to develop a “Universal” Record of Achievement. Learners’ views were obtained via focus groups with youth and an online survey targeted at all learners. More than 400 individuals completed the survey.

Respondents indicated support for the proposal. For more detailed results and examples of the feedback received, see the UROA survey results (PDF, 322KB).

Consultation with the education sector

In March and April 2015 NZQA sought feedback from the education sector on Expanding the Record of Achievement (PDF, 494KB), which set out a proposal to expand the current Record of Achievement into a ‘Universal’ Record of Achievement (URoA).

Submissions were received from teachers, wānanga, private training establishments, institutes of technology and polytechnics, the Tertiary Education Commission, the Industry Training Federation, and Ako Aotearoa. Respondents indicated substantial support for an expanded record of achievement by education organisations.

Project background

This project has been progressed to support the changing needs of learners and employers.

  • As New Zealanders are increasingly mobile they expect their qualifications to be easily recognised wherever they go.

  • There is a concern that learners are often not given full credit for learning they have already achieved. This can be wasteful if learning is duplicated or unproductive if learners’ full skill sets are not utilised.

  • Increasingly employers and others are looking for evidence of achievement of specific learning components, for example, learning referred to as Badges. This learning may be credentialed through a range of ways such as courses including MOOCs, credit recognition and transfer, and recognition of prior learning.

This project is supported by work being undertaken jointly by the Ministry of Education, the Tertiary Education Commission and NZQA to improve access to and the use of education data, including learner achievement data. As a result an automated recording of all NZQF qualifications and related components on the Record of Achievement will become possible.

For more information email future.state@nzqa.govt.nz.

Page last updated 19 May 2016

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