Changes to NZQA Rules

27 Oct 2016

NZQA consulted the non-university tertiary education sector on proposed changes to NZQA Rules from 16 June 2016 to 11 August 2016. As a result of this consultation, a number of NZQA Rule sets have been amended.

The amendments seek to ensure that NZQA Rules are clear, reflect current practice and operational changes, and enable NZQA to effectively perform its quality assurance functions.

What are the changes to the Rules?

Rules have been amended as follows:

NZQF Qualification Listing and Operational Rules 2016

  • Replace the NZQF Qualification Listing and Operational Rules 2012, and incorporate all previous amendments.
  • Include Te Hono o Te Kahurangi Quality Assurance in the approval and listing of qualifications.
  • Changes to the mandatory and optional qualification listing conditions.
  • Changes to qualification developer responsibilities.
  • Other minor amendments.

NZQF Programme Approval and Accreditation Amendment Rules 2016

  • Include Te Hono o Te Kahurangi Quality Assurance in the evaluation of applications for programme approval and accreditation.
  • Changes to the criteria for maintaining programme approval and accreditation to include the process for assuring the consistency of graduate outcomes.
  • Changes to the Criteria for existing English proficiency on the NZQA website.

Quality Assurance (including External Evaluation and Review (EER)) Rules 2016

  • Replace the External Evaluation and Review Rules 2013, and incorporate all previous amendments.
  • The title of the Rules has been amended to reflect the rule-making criteria for quality assurance set out in section 253 of the Education Act 1989.
  • Provide for Te Hono o Te Kahurangi External Evaluation and Review.
  • Remove the requirement for private training establishments (PTEs) to submit a compliance declaration before an EER.
  • Restrict the enrolment of new students at Category 4 institutions and Category 3 institutions (where necessary), until the assessment and moderation arrangements required by Rule 13 are in place.
  • Clarify the written agreement requirements between Category 3 or 4 institutions and the provider or person appointed by NZQA to undertake assessment and moderation.

Private Training Establishment Registration Amendment Rules 2016

  • Remove references to Chartered Accountant Professional Attestation, which has been superseded by the Independent Assurance Practitioner’s Report or an independent auditor’s report.
  • Remove the requirement for TEC-funded PTEs to submit the Annual Financial Return to NZQA.
  • Remove requirement for NZQA approval of temporary sites – PTEs will only have to notify NZQA of those.
  • Remove requirement for PTEs to notify NZQA of changes to their quality management systems.
  • Specify that organisational charts must contain the names of staff in each position.
  • Other minor amendments.

Student Fee Protection Amendment Rules 2016

  • Addition of requirement for providers to specify the refund entitlement of students whose visa applications are declined.
  • Allow NZQA to contact student fee protection auditors directly in respect to annual audits if needed.

PTE Enrolment and Academic Records Amendment Rules 2016

  • Require all PTEs to keep student assessments for at least 12 months from the date of completion.

All Rule sets, including the amendments, can be found here on the NZQA website on the NZQA rules pages.

What do education organisations have to do about the changes?

The amended Rules take effect from 20 October 2016.

NZQA encourages education organisations to review their policies against the new Rules that are relevant to them, to ensure compliance.

More information

For more information on the consultation process, its outcomes and associated Rule changes, please see Consultation on NZQA Rule changes.

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