Help your child prepare for NCEA examinations

17 Oct 2016

Parents should keep talking to their children about study and preparation in the lead up to NCEA and New Zealand Scholarship examinations, says the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA).

Deputy Chief Executive Kristine Kilkelly says around 146,000 students are concentrating on getting ready for their end-of-year examinations that begin in a few weeks.

“Parents and whānau want to help, but sometimes worry they don’t know enough about particular school subjects or worry they’ve been out of the classroom too long to give valuable advice. But you don’t need to be an NCEA expert to give support and guidance that ensures students are working hard to achieve their goals.”

NZQA’s top five tips for the support team:

Speak to teachers: your child’s teachers know what is happening at school and how your child is progressing. Ask for guidance when you need it - teachers know how NCEA works and understand it well.

Provide a suitable study environment: students need a quiet, organised and well-lit space to study for NCEA examinations.

Balance study with free time: it’s important that students remain in a positive frame of mind and keep relaxed. In addition to studying ensure your child is sleeping well, taking regular breaks, eating well, getting fresh air, and staying in touch with their peers.

Prepare, prepare, prepare: make sure you and your child know how they are going to get to their examinations, what the examination room rules are, and what they need to take with them. Remind them to carry their admission slips. Allow plenty of time to get to examinations early and plan for what you might do if something unforeseen happens – for example, alternative transport plans in case of bus or train delays.

Know the examination timetable: NCEA examinations are nationwide. This means students do the same examination at the same time no matter where they live. Make sure you know what examinations your child is sitting, and when, so that you can support them beforehand and talk to them afterwards about how the examination went.

Ms Kilkelly adds that the free NCEA Guide App provides quick and easy access to key information about NCEA, including an online timetable of all examinations. Students should also look at the range of apps available to them - like the ‘NCEA Student’ App – that provide study and goal setting advice options.

The NZQA website also offers many resources including past examination papers and answer examples.

NCEA and New Zealand Scholarship examinations run from Wednesday 9 November through to Friday 2 December.

Media contact:
Mike Conner
NZQA Communications
Phone: 04 463 3082 or 027 457 5783

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