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21 Mar 2017

NZQA has been advised that Trade Education Limited, the company, was placed in liquidation on 27 February 2017.

What does this mean for me?

This means that Trade Education, the private training establishment (PTE), is unable to continue to operate as a registered PTE and deliver the course you enrolled in.

As a consequence, students currently studying at Trade Education will no longer be able to attend their courses at Trade Education.

What will happen to the fees I have paid?

Private training establishments registered with NZQA are bound by the Student Fee Protection Rules 2013. This will guide what happens to the money you have paid to Trade Education.

Fees paid by students at Trade Education are held in a trust account controlled by the Public Trust. Contact details will be provided separately.

If a course closure is called, students will have a choice of:

  • enrolling with an alternative provider, if such a provider is available, in which case any refund entitlement will be transferred to that provider, or

  • ceasing their study, and receiving a refund corresponding to the undelivered portion of their course. If the fees paid to Trade Education were paid by student loan, any refund will be returned to MSD StudyLink, as per your loan agreement, in offset against your loan balance. Please contact StudyLink further if you have any further questions regarding your options.

  • Students who were receiving living costs or student allowance will no longer be able to continue to receive these and should contact StudyLink on the contact details below to discuss alternative arrangements.

Which alternative education provider can I enrol with?

For students who were enrolled in the Pre Trade Carpentry Level 4 programme, NZQA have not been able to identify any courses which match the course at your location. If you wish to continue study on other courses that is yours to identify.

Students will need to make their own decision about which provider to seek enrolment with: NZQA is not able to direct them in this.

Will the training that I have already done be recognised?

NZQA will work with the staff of Trade Education to ensure that students’ academic records are reported and made available as soon as possible.

Students will need to discuss their previous study with any education providers and may be required to undergo recognition of prior learning or credit transfer process for papers currently being studied but not completed, marked, or assessed.

Youth Guarantee learners

There are other Youth Guarantee courses available in your location that you can consider. However these will not be in construction. There are other construction related courses in other centres if you are able to travel or move.

Click here to explore these options. For assistance you can also contact

·         Youth Services MSD

·         TEC Sector Help Desk 0800 601 301

·         Careers NZ

Where can I find more information and updates?

The best way to keep informed is to check the NZQA website. As soon as we have any significant updates we will communicate this via the website.

NZQA will be working with the liquidator, StudyLink and the trustee to ensure that appropriate arrangements are made for all students in an attempt to minimise the loss of time, effort and money lost because of this event.

Who can I contact?


Public Trust: or telephone 0800 494 733

Liquidator:            Tom Rodewald, 021 22 77 408 or   

StudyLink:            0800 88 99 00 (Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm)



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