QA News going online

04 Oct 2012

For the last few years QA News has also been available in PDF format on the NZQA website.

Its purpose is to be a single publication that provides information about initiatives and activities from across NZQA. QA News serves a key role in sharing information amongst all groups involved in New Zealand qualifications, secondary school student achievement and quality assurance of the tertiary sector.

Following a review of the publication it has been decided that from the next issue, QA News will be produced in a solely electronic format. Without the constraints of a hard-copy publication we will no longer be restricted by page limitations enabling articles with more photos, illustrations and even video. We will also be able to include links to further information relating to particular articles.

At this stage we are looking to continue producing four issues a year and cover the same breadth of NZQA work, but you will notice articles that are shorter, punchier, more timely and easier to read electronically.

The electronic format provides the subscriber the option to print as many hard copies as desired for distribution throughout the school or office, or to print particular articles. QA News will continue to be available on the NZQA website, ensuring back issues are always readily available.


To continue receiving QA News you must be subscribed to the electronic edition.

To subscribe, please email advising preferred email addresses and organisation or school name. When each new issue of QA News is available you will be sent an email providing a direct link to the online publication.

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