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12 Feb 2016

Students and parents are planning for the new school year and setting achievement goals. To help with this, there are various resources available, particularly related to NCEA and University Entrance.

Understanding NCEA is a booklet designed for use by students, parents, and the wider whānau. It is designed to be a guide to understanding how NCEA works and the importance of having a plan, choosing subjects, career planning and aiming for endorsements. The booklets are available in English, Te Reo, Cook Islands Māori, Samoan, Niuean, and Tongan.

The booklets are available on the brochures page of the NZQA website.

A digital resource is also available on the website. The How NCEA works video is a popular animation that provides basic information about NCEA and is particularly useful as an initial overview for parents and students new to secondary school.

The video can be viewed in various Pasifika languages and New Zealand Sign Language.

To help clarify information about University Entrance (UE), we have put details in one place on our website. By visiting you can find out more about the minimum requirements, approved subjects, and background to the changes implemented in 2014.

NZQA has introduced an App that also contains clear and succinct information about UE. The NCEA Guide App includes a link to the more detailed UE information on the website, as well as plenty of useful advice about NCEA itself.

The App was developed to help parents and employers better understand NCEA and is available in English, Te Reo and Pasifika languages. Importantly, parents and whānau can get information about how they can support family members studying towards gaining their secondary school qualification.

The NCEA Student App also helps parents and students track their study and how they are progressing.

This App helps students set goals for further achievement and track their NCEA credit progress. It offers a standalone database with a powerful search engine which allows students to easily find NCEA courses and standards that they are doing, or would like to do.

Students and parents have been asking for information about NCEA and achievements to be accessible online, any time, and the App offers that on any mobile device.

There are a range of Apps available that offer information and advice about NCEA and tracking progress – NZQA encourages students to look at all the Apps available with their families and choose the one that is best suited to their needs.

All resources produced by NZQA are free of charge.

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