Withdrawal of registration from private training establishment

19 Jun 2012

The New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) has cancelled the registration of Ellipse Institute Limited as a Private Training Establishment.

Registration for the Auckland based institution was cancelled for their failures to comply with Student Fee Protection (SFP) requirements.

NZQA Deputy Chief Executive, Quality Assurance, Tim Fowler said to maintain its registration a Private Training Establishment (PTE) must at all times comply with the requirements of NZQA's SFP policy and the legislation.

Mr Fowler said Ellipse had been given a number of warnings in relation to the shortfall between monies paid by students and the monies held in the SFP trust account.

“These breaches are determined to be serious and significant, with no evidence of being resolved in the near future. As a result, NZQA has issued a Notice of cancellation, which took effect on 18 June 2012”.

“The issue at present relates to a group of 10 international students who are currently without the protection they should have as part of their course of study here, and where there is a need to step in and protect students NZQA will continue to take action. Any evidence of inappropriate activity or continued breaches of requirements by training establishments will result in strong action being taken”.

"By far the majority of PTEs are delivering quality education outcomes for students, but those that do not comply will be held accountable and NZQA makes no apologies for that”.

Mr Fowler said NZQA has asked to meet with all students on Wednesday 20 June at Ellipse, to discuss arrangements for students to transfer to an alternative provider.  “NZQA is committed to ensuring that students are not disadvantaged by the actions of this provider and is moving quickly to ensure that all students are given every opportunity to complete their training” said Mr Fowler.

NZQA’s last review of Ellipse was in November 2011, Ellipse was given a rating of Not Yet Confident in educational performance, and Not Confident in capability in self-assessment.


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