NZQA operates under the following legislation:

The Education Act (1989). The relevant provisions of this Act are:

  • SECTION 4E - Courses for foreign students
  • PART 18 - Private Training Establishments
  • PART 18A - International Students
  • PART 20 - New Zealand Qualifications Authority
  • PART 24 - Miscellaneous Provisions
  • PART 30 - National student numbers

The Education Amendment Act (2011)

This Act came into force on 30 August 2011. It made a number of changes to the legislative framework for quality assurance in the education sector. The Guidance note (DOC, 242KB) outlines the key legislative changes for NZQA and its stakeholders. A Factsheet (PDF, 26KB) provides further information to support education institutions to meet their new and changed obligations.

The Industry Training Act (1992). The relevant provisions of this Act are:

  • s6 - Minister to be satisfied of organisation's abilities
  • s10 - Industry training organisation's proposed plan must identify activities for which it is seeks funding
  • s13 - Additional functions
  • s18 - Training programmes

NZQA is a Crown Entity as defined by the Crown Entities Act 2004, and is empowered by section 256A of the Education Act 1989.

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