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Changes to online submission of moderation materials
A2015/002 - 03 Feb 2015


Principal's Nominee
All teachers

Changes to online submission of moderation materials

Online links (URLs) for digital materials can be shared with NZQA for online moderation. They can be submitted through provider moderation plans via the provider secure login page.

Each standard number in the moderation plan is now a link that opens a page where you can enter a URL for digital material as follows:

  1. Ensure that links lead to clearly organised moderation materials stored in folders and sub-folders as necessary. These should be readily accessible to moderators.
  2. Select the standard number in the moderation plan.
  3. Save the URL for the digital material on the Moderation Materials link page in the ‘Enter Materials Link’ box. Select Save and a ‘Link Saved OK’ confirmation will pop up.
  4. Select ‘Return to Moderation Plan’ at the bottom of the page.
  5. Note that the word ‘online’ now appears under the standard number on the moderation plan. The allocated moderator will immediately get a signal on their plan that the URL has been saved and materials are now available for moderation.
  6. Upload links at any time up to, and including, the provider’s due date for moderation. This means that links to moderation materials can be saved earlier than the due date if they are ready, and that materials may be moderated early depending on moderator workload.
  7. Schools will need to develop their own processes to ensure that the Principal’s Nominee is informed of the online submission of moderation materials.


The mailbox, used for the past two years, will remain open for queries only.

Please refer any enquiries relating to this circular to:

Alan Sorensen
Team Leader
Assessment and Moderation
Telephone: 04 463 3019


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