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Clarification of 2015 examination format for Level 3 Music achievement standard 91422
A2015/007 - 13 Apr 2015


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Clarification of 2015 examination format for Level 3 Music achievement standard 91422

In 2015, the examination for the Level 3 Music 91422: Analyse a substantial music work will be different from previous years. As signalled in the 2015 March update of the Assessment Specifications, the 91422 paper will be one question with parts, rather than a three-question paper with various sub-parts. See 91422 Analyse a substantial music work.

Candidate preparation for examination

Candidates should prepare for the examination exactly as they have in previous years. They will demonstrate their ability to analyse a substantial music work with reference to a music work they have studied. Candidates are required to draw on pertinent musical evidence, musical features, compositional and structural devices, to show their understanding of the style, expressive qualities and structure of their substantial music work.

They should answer the question in full, and focus on the quality of their responses rather than the length. Responses should not exceed 500-600 words.

Candidates are not required to memorise and reproduce extended musical quotes or extracts.  Manuscript paper will be provided at the end of the examination booklet if required.

Example of written instructions for candidates in 2015

In 2015, the single examination question will have clear, scaffolded instructions to guide candidates on what is required, and what considerations to include in their response. 

The examiner will provide an itemised list of musical features/devices/elements from which candidates will be asked to choose those that are particularly relevant to the selected work. Candidates will then be guided on how to integrate their knowledge of these selected features/devices/elements into their analysis. 

For more information see explanatory note 2 of the achievement standard.

For information on the range of substantial musical works analysed in 2014, please refer to the 2014 Assessment Report.


Please refer any enquiries relating to this circular to:
Judith Catton
National Assessment Facilitator
Secondary Examinations
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