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Digital Assessment Transformation: Internal Assessment and Moderation
A2015/028 - 17 Aug 2015


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Digital Assessment Transformation: Internal Assessment and Moderation

21st century school-based assessment

NZQA is moving to ensure that our processes are flexible and can accommodate the change we are seeing in internal, school-based assessment, where assessment evidence is increasingly being produced and collected in a digital format.

Digital Assessment Transformation: Internal Assessment and Moderation work-stream

NZQA has initiated an Internal Assessment and Moderation work-stream that is focussed on moving to new digital processes to support school-based assessment and professional practice. These processes will integrate methods of consistency for all providers. These are also intended to establish a collegial community of shared good practice for teachers and to give students access to clear and succinct examples of achievement so that they know what is required to achieve at each level.

NZQA partnership with Network for Learning

In May, NZQA formalised a strategic partnership with Network for Learning (N4L) to use its sharing and collaboration system Pond to help identify and share digital assessment resources. It is intended that, in the long term, Pond will contain shared examples of digital assessments and digital student evidence in all subjects, with an ultimate goal of having a range of examples of student achievement at each level, for each standard. With clear and succinct examples of student evidence students can focus on key requirements rather than simply producing a greater volume of work.

Digital moderation

NZQA is also considering a new platform for online digital moderation. The aim is to have moderation material submitted digitally in 2017, which is when we plan on fully implementing the new system.

Although, many schools were ready in 2014 to submit by email and in 2015 to submit using URLs, NZQA is aware that not all schools will be ready to digitally submit all material by 2017. We will continue to work with individual schools around solutions that best meet their needs and the needs of their students or subjects.

The online digital moderation tool will give teachers the ability to engage in a private discussion thread with the moderator. This means teachers can seek clarifications in a timely manner and will be able to appeal the outcome of moderation online where this will be automatically submitted to another moderator.

Teachers will also have the opportunity to make assessment judgements against samples of student evidence available online, and then compare the level at which other assessors graded the work. It is intended that this will encourage discussion around decisions similar to discussions that take place at NZQA Best Practice Workshops.

Pilot of online course for assessors

Online delivery of a course to support assessors, including the diverse and valid ways of collecting student evidence, is also being piloted and will run until 26 October 2015. Up to 30 teachers from across New Zealand are involved. The nine week course, delivered mostly online, requires teachers to give feedback on the effectiveness of the delivery method as well as the course content. This delivery method means that participants can practise the skills discussed and then share reflection during the course, hopefully leading to a sustained change of assessment practice.


Please refer any enquiries relating to this circular to:

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