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Languages verification process
A2015/013 - 29 May 2015


Principal's Nominee
All language teachers of Cook Islands Maori, Lea Faka-Tonga and Korean

Languages verification process

Schools will continue to produce their own activities for assessing candidates against Levels 1–3 Cook Islands Maori, Lea Faka-Tonga and Korean external standards.

Schools will need to use the relevant assessment specifications located on the NZQA Subject Page. This page also includes information on how to use external support resources for Cook Islands Maori, Lea Faka-Tonga and Korean external standards.

Verification of assessment activity prior to candidates sitting the assessment activity

Once an assessment activity has been produced by a school for an external standard it should be submitted to NZQA for verification. It must be submitted to NZQA at least one month prior to the date of intended assessment. This will ensure that the task presented to candidates is fit for purpose and meets the standard. This will allow opportunity for any feedback regarding the task and any modifications required.

Please download the Verification Cover Sheet (DOCX, 69KB) and email the assessment activity, along with the coversheet to

Marking assessments

Schools will

  • mark all their own candidates’ assessments against Levels 1–3 Cook Islands Maori, Lea Faka-Tonga and Korean external standards
  • enter all provisional results online
  • submit up to eight samples of candidate work per standard, to NZQA, for verification.

Submission of materials for verification

For verification purposes, schools will send NZQA:

  • one copy of each verified assessment activity, including any relevant listening material, and its assessment schedule
  • eight marked samples of candidate work for each standard.

Schools with fewer than eight entries for any one standard will submit work for all candidates for that standard. Candidate work selected for verification should best represent the spread of results awarded in the school for the standard being assessed.

Details of the submission process and materials for packing school submissions will be sent to schools in September 2015.

Results entry and verification reports

Schools will enter all candidates’ provisional results online prior to submitting candidate work for verification.

When verification is complete, schools will see final results for those candidates whose work was submitted to NZQA. In addition, a verification report will be available online.

If the verifier is in agreement with assessment decisions made by the school for a standard, provisionally entered results for all non-verified candidates will automatically be rolled over to final results status. No further action will be required by the school.

If the verifier does not agree with the assessment decisions made by the school, the verification report is to be used to review and inform decisions about final results for all remaining candidates whose work was not submitted for verification.

Instructions for the entry of provisional and final results and accessing verification reports are available online, on the subject page.

Online verification reports

Verification reports will be available online from 23 November 2015. Instructions on accessing these will be available online in July 2015.

Appeal process

The appeal process only applies to candidate work submitted for verification. Schools will continue to manage their own policies and procedures for work that has not been sent for verification. An appeal should be lodged where there is such a significant difference between the candidate’s provisional and verified results that all parties suspect that an assessment or processing error may have occurred.

Schools seeking to appeal should download and complete the Verification Appeal Form (DOCX, 47KB) found on the subject resources page.

All candidate work submitted for verification will be retained by NZQA until January 2016.

Timeline for 2015 verification process

March 2015                                       

Assessment specifications for Level 1-3 available on NZQA website

March-October 2015

Schools conduct assessment activities for Cook Islands Maori, Lea Faka-Tonga and Korean external standards.

One month prior to the examination the task and schedule should be submitted to NZQA for verification.

30 June 2015

Entries for students being assessed against Verified Languages external standards must be submitted to NZQA.

1 September 2015

Final date for receipt of external entry data by NZQA

 September 2015

Schools receive Verified Languages packout containing submission instructions.

15 September – 3 November 2015

Entry of Verified Languages provisional results by schools.

3 November 2015

Schools dispatch assessment activities and work for up to eight candidates per standard to NZQA for verification.

23 November 2015

Verified results visible online

23 November 2015

Verification Reports visible online

3 December 2015

Last date for schools to enter final results online for remaining candidates

7 December 2015

Schools submit appeals of verified results to NZQA

14 December 2015

Appeals completed

25 January 2016

Candidate work submitted for verification returned to schools.


Please refer any enquiries relating to this circular to:

Daniel Aplin
Assessment Coordinator
Secondary Examinations
Telephone: (04) 463 4254

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