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New Zealand Scholarship Drama Examination 2015
A2015/023 - 25 Jun 2015


Principal's Nominee
Heads of Drama
Drama teachers

New Zealand Scholarship Drama Examination 2015

The New Zealand Scholarship (Scholarship) Drama examination will be held on Friday 6 November 2015. The Examination Centre Manager will arrange to visit the school in the week before the examination. This will allow the Principal’s Nominee, the teacher designated as waiting room supervisor, and the school-supplied technician to meet.

The Examination Centre Manager will discuss and view arrangements for the examination.  Schools should assist examination supervisors to become familiar with performance spaces and the operation of recording equipment. In addition, they will explain the post-examination copying of performances to DVD.

Schools should be aware that Scholarship Drama candidate materials do not need to be couriered to the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) until Monday 9 November 2015. This allows technicians time to copy the recorded performances to DVD and check that they can be played on a conventional DVD player. This is because quality is compromised if recorded performances have to be assessed from a computer. Your Examination Centre Manager will organise the dispatch of all recorded performances and other examination materials.

Documents needed by the school and the Examination Centre Manager

Documents needed by your school and the Examination Centre Manager for the Scholarship examination can be accessed through the Scholarship Drama page on the Drama subject resource page on the NZQA website.

These documents are the:

  • examination requirements
  • waiting room rules
  • information for candidates
  • Authenticity Declaration form.

Other documents

Attendance rolls will be sent to the Examination Centre Managers of schools that are supervising the Scholarship Drama examination.

Performance space

The examination requirements’ document contains information about the performance space. It is suggested that:

  • the performance space be set up and used by candidates prior to the actual examination
  • the lighting and recording set up be used and checked at this time to ensure that candidates’ facial expressions, gestures and the whole performance space are clearly visible in recorded performances
  • candidates should not leave the performance space during the performance and should remain on-screen for the whole duration
  • if the performance space is elevated, candidates should not move off it or sit with their legs over the edge
  • candidates should speak to the camera from a reasonably close position when they give their explanations.

Annotated scripts

Annotated scripts should be:

  • brief and refer directly to the text (wider intentions should be signalled and explained in the oral introduction)
  • limited to what will fit around the script on A4 paper and deal with acting intentions (not general background notes or character motivation or a floor plan of movement)
  • clean, original and typed on single, unfolded sheets of paper.

Annotations to the scripts may be handwritten by the candidate, but no teacher markings should be written on the scripts.

Retention of original recordings and return of submitted materials

Schools are advised to retain the original recording of all candidate performances:

  1. in case the marking panel cannot access and view the performances and another copy needs to be requested from the school
  2. because NZQA will not return submitted materials to candidates sitting the 2015 Scholarship Drama examination, unless requested.

Candidates are to provide a self-addressed, prepaid courier bag with their submitted materials if these are to be returned. Materials will be returned to candidates after applications for a review or reconsideration have closed.

NZQA thanks schools for providing facilities and personnel to support this examination.


Please refer any enquiries relating to this circular to:

Christine Pallin
National Assessment Facilitator
Secondary Examinations
New Zealand Qualifications Authority
Telephone: 04 463 3298
Fax: 04 463 3113

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