Planning and tracking NCEA progress - NCEA Student App

The key purpose of the App?

NCEA Student will help you plan your NCEA study programme, set goals and track your progress. The App complements the NCEA Guide App for parents and employers launched in 2014.

The App is available from both the iTunes and Google Play stores.

NCEA-Student-app-due-datesWhat's new in the latest version?

We have improved and enhanced the tools for adding 'Due dates' for assessments. You can now specify both the Due date and the type of assessment (test, practice exam, essay, etc.)

You can also include the date for each of your external exams and get reminders ahead of time. As well, you can set the 'Reminder' function for an assessment's Due date to a period (e.g. 1 day, 1 week, 1 month) which suits your own needs. Or, if you don't want to be reminded, turn off the Due date reminder function entirely.

Finally, the list of Standards available has been updated.

What does the App do?

The App gives you the ability to:

  • Select and set your NCEA credit goals and targets
  • See how you are tracking towards NCEA Levels one, two and three, including Literacy, Numeracy and University Entrance (UE) 
  • Set Due Date reminders for when assignments are due 
  • Capture results as your teacher hands back work and cross check with the school or NZQA
  • Personalise with information such as your NSN number or details about a course or standard (such as the teacher’s name or timetabled classroom)
  • Multiple levels of NCEA study are now supported, meaning you can track your progress towards various NCEA levels over multiple calendar years. Behind the scenes, NCEA Student will retain all achievement information, allowing you to track your progress over multiple years.
  • New users of the App can simply add credits for previous years NCEA study without having to also add standards information first.
  • Customise with different colour coding options and the ability to add photos
  • Use in English and Te Reo Māori.

Quickly see how you're doingOther features

  • It is simple, clear, easy to use and responsive
  • It provides a high level description of each standard
  • It has its own database, which includes an up-to-date list of all standards, updated by NZQA
  • It has a powerful search engine that makes it easy for you to find subjects and standards by 'name' or 'number'
  • It is an NZQA quality assured product
  • It makes NCEA easier to understand.

Anything else you need to know?

You are responsible for the security of your own data – NZQA recommends a PIN number on the phone as a minimum, and a password (a “settings” option) on the App. Responsibility for the accuracy of the information in the App rests with the you and NZQA recommends backing up your device. It is your information and your data, entered by you.

Minimum specifications?

  • iOS: 7.1 and later and Android: 4.0 and later.
  • The App is optimised for use on iPhone 5 and greater, and Android 4.1 or greater.
  • The App will run on tablets as well.

The NCEA Guide App is free to download - get it now from:

iTunes Preview or

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