Login changes for Providers (school and tertiary)

On 7th September, 2015, the Provider login section of the NZQA website was updated.

The change means two changes to the screens viewed by Providers. When a provider logs in through either of the links highlighted below ...

 NZQA login screen

... they will now see an orange login screen (shown below). This screen, as previously, can also be used to reset passwords and print forms for access. 

ESAA login screen 

Once logged in the initial home page a school user (NB: not Tertiary) sees has also been reformatted. This page is now based around the five roles available to a provider (General or High Security, Special Assessment Conditions, Derived Grade, and Results Entry).

To ensure access to sensitive areas/functions is limited to those individuals needing access,  Derived Grades, Results Entry and Special Assessment Conditions have been separated out from the previous High Security School User role.

A provider with all roles will see a screen as below. If a provider only has a subset of roles as determined by their school EPA they will only see the sections relevant to the roles with which they are associated.

 Schools extranet home

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