Mātauranga Māori Qualifications and Assessment Standards

Field Māori gives national recognition to mātauranga Māori. It is one of the classification fields for the Directory of Assessment Standards (DAS) that caters specifically to Māori knowledge, pedagogy and skills, and enables the portability of Māori skills and knowledge within the national education system.

This image depicts Field Māori. The disciplines, or subfields, within Field Māori are represented by pou (pillars) in the wharenui (meeting house) where knowledge is nurtured. The four cornerstones are Reo Māori (the Māori language), Tikanga (Māori traditions and customs), Ngā mahi a Te Whare Pora (traditional weaving), and Whakairo (traditional carving). See a full sized version (JPG, 386KB).

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Field Māori qualifications are evaluated with the Mātauranga Māori Evaluative Quality Assurance tools (Te Hono o Te Kahurangi), to ensure they meet the needs of whānau, hapū, iwi, and Māori communities.

There are more than 30 Field Māori qualifications currently listed on the NZQF and 500 standards listed on the DAS.

Mātauranga Māori certificates and diplomas

New suites of Mātauranga Māori qualifications have been developed as a result of the mandatory qualification reviews. These qualifications are predicated on a Māori World view and have been developed in consultation with whānau, hapū, and iwi; and with the guidance and expertise of Governance and Working Groups.

Information about the new mātauranga Māori qualifications is available in the pamphlets below.

Environment Māori (PDF, 494KB) Māori Governance (PDF, 555KB)
Environment Māori (PDF, 494KB)
Māori Governance (PDF, 555KB)
Māori Business and Management (PDF, 389KB) Te Whakamahi Whenua (PDF, 429KB)
Māori Business and Management (PDF, 389KB)
Te Whakamahi Whenua (PDF, 429KB)
Tourism Māori (PDF, 422KB) Wahi Tapu Image
Tourism Māori (PDF, 422KB)
  • New Zealand Certificate in Tourism Māori (Levels 3, 4, 5)
Wāhi Tapu (PDF, 482KB)
Manaaki Marae  Care and Enabling

Manaaki Marae (PDF, 398KB)

  • New Zealand Certificate in Manaaki Marae (Levels 2, 3, 4)
  • New Zealand Diploma in Manaaki Marae (Level 5)

Care and Enabling of Disabled Tāngata Māori (PDF, 473KB)


 Social Services  Kuia Koroua

Social Services (Māori) (PDF, 518KB)

Tiaki Kuia, Koroua (PDF, 461KB)

 Public Health  Whanau Ora

Kaupapa Māori Public Health (PDF, 483KB)

Whānau Ora (PDF, 533KB)

 Te Reo Cert  Te Reo Dip

Te Reo Certificates (PDF, 424KB)

Te Reo Diplomas (PDF, 450KB)

Further information

For more information on mandatory reviews see:

About mandatory qualification reviews

Māori Qualifications Services - Mandatory Review of Field Māori Qualifications

Unit standards

Field Māori unit standards are developed, reviewed and maintained by external panels in partnership with standard setting bodies. NZQA's Māori Qualifications Services team works with Whakaruruhau to set national Māori standards.

Māori Qualifications Services helps facilitate the development of these standards, provides assessment resources for tutors, and promotes the uptake of mātauranga Māori qualifications.

National certificates and diplomas

Note: all these qualifications are being replaced by the newly developed Mātauranga Māori qualifications.

The following qualifications are currently listed in Field Māori:

QualificationReview StatusLast date to meet requirements
Governance of Māori Authorities L3  Reviewed  31 December 2018
Hauora (Māori Health) L4, L6  Reviewed  31 December 2019
Māori Business and Management L4, L5  Reviewed  31 December 2018
Māori Environmental Management L5  Reviewed  31 December 2016
Māori Environmental Practices L4  Reviewed  31 December 2016
Māori Management - Generic L3  Under review  
Māori Performing Arts L4  Under review  
Māori Performing Arts L6  Under review  
Marae Catering L2  Reviewed  31 December 2018
Ngā Mahi a te Whare Pora L2, L4  Under review  
Ngā Mahi a te Whare Pora L5, L6  Under review  
Reo Māori L4  Reviewed  31 December 2018
Reo Māori L5, L6  Reviewed  31 December 2018
Reo Māori Media L3, L4  Under review  
Reo Māori Media L5  Under review  
Te Mātauranga Māori me te Whakangungu L4, L5  Reviewed  31 December 2018
Te Ngutu Awa L4  Reviewed  31 December 2018
Te Waharoa L2  Reviewed  31 December 2018
Tourism Māori L3, L4  Reviewed  31 December 2018
Tourism Māori L5  Reviewed  31 December 2019
Wāhi Tapu L4  Reviewed  31 December 2016
Whakairo (Tuturu) L4  Under review
Whakairo L5, L6  Under review  
Whakamahi Whenua (Mahinga Māra Kai) L3  Reviewed  31 December 2016

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