Maintaining PTE registration

Once a private training establishment (PTE) is registered, it is required, under section 233B(1) of the Education Act, to comply with the rules made under section 253 of the Act.

Section 4 of the Guidelines for PTE Registration (PDF, 630KB) contains detailed information on maintaining registration. These guidelines explain and interpret the applicable Private Training Establishment Registration Rules 2013.

Section 5 of the Guidelines for PTE Registration outlines NZQA's response to any non-compliance with the Education 1989 and/or NZQA rules. See Monitoring PTEs for more information.

Requirements for PTEs

Each registered PTE is required to submit the following:

RequirementDue dateNotes
Annual Registration Fee

30 June each year


Annual Return

Annual Return Statutory Declaration (PDF, 236KB)

Independent Assurance Practitioner's Review Report (was Chartered Accountant Professional Attestation)


Within five months following the end of the PTE’s financial year

Within five months following the end of the PTE’s financial year






Quarterly Student Fee Protection Attestation

Submit to trustee within five business days of the end of each quarter (Feb, May, Aug, Nov)

Applies to PTEs using static or bank bond trust arrangements

Annual Student Fee Protection Audit

Within five months following the end of the PTE’s financial year

Applies to PTEs using insurance or standard, static, or bank bond trust arrangements

PTEs are required to meet Rule 5 of the Private Training Establishment Registration Rules 2013, including:

  • continue to be a body corporate
  • deliver at least one approved programme or training scheme
  • maintain up-to-date information in their Tertiary Education Organisation Profile
  • apply to NZQA for approval of new permanent delivery sites
  • notify NZQA of changes to new temporary delivery sites
  • advise NZQA of changes of directors and owners, as approval may be required
  • keep NZQA informed of any changes to governing members’ conflict of interest and fit and proper person declarations and provide NZQA with a Statutory Declaration as a fit and proper person and of conflicts of interest form (DOCX, 72KB) for any new governing member, before they commence as a governing member
  • complete and supply to NZQA the annual return documentation within five months of the end of the financial year of the PTE
  • provide information as requested, for the purposes of external evaluation and review (EER), concerning complaints, other investigations, evidence of suitability of governing members, and ownerships, where there is a change
  • undertake ongoing self-assessment and participate in EER in accordance with EER requirements
  • pay the annual fee, fees associated with applications to NZQA, and credit reporting fees
  • ensure the public information it provides is accurate, clear and not misleading
  • provide information regarding requirements for PTE facilities.

PTEs that are Category 1 providers are only required to submit an Independent Assurance Practitioner's Review Report (previously the Chartered Accountant Professional Attestation) every two years. Refer to the PTE Registration Rules for more information.

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