New or changed delivery sites

All tertiary education organisations (TEOs) must apply to NZQA for approval of any new or changed delivery sites.

Types of delivery sites

NZQA has different information requirements and approval processes for permanent and temporary sites.

Approval of permanent sites requires an application to be made to NZQA. Site approval for permanent delivery sites is required before delivery occurs at the new site.

NZQA requires notification to Client Services for temporary sites. Notification is required before delivery occurs at the new temporary site.

Permanent sites

A teaching or delivery site is considered to be permanent when a TEO has a regular and ongoing presence at the site. The TEO is likely to either own the premises or have a lease or rental agreement that provides security of tenure.

'Regular and ongoing' could mean anything from five days per week for 52 weeks a year, to one day per week for 26 weeks of the year, to several days per month all year.

Use the Site Attestation form (DOCX, 68KB) as a guide to check and confirm the site meets all NZQA and health and safety requirements. Complete and sign the form and include it in your application.

Please note that programmes at levels 7 and above on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework are subject to accreditation that is delivery site-specific.  For more information see Changes to programme approvals.

Information NZQA requires for permanent sites

The application for permanent site approval must be made by a representative of the TEO using the online TEO Self Services, as follows:

  1. Log on to the TEO Self Services using your ESAA user ID and password.
  2. Select TEO Applications > Create Application.
  3. Choose New Site application (even if it is a site change).
  4. Enter the details in the application wizard. Attach all supporting documentation to the application, including the signed site attestation form.

The application must include:

  • Location (street address details)
  • A description of the intended use including - any programmes to be delivered, whether international students will be based at the site, student and staff numbers
  • A sitemap or building plan, or a description that indicates the classrooms, laboratories, workshops and other teaching spaces, offices and facilities available. Please also refer to Requirements for private training establishment facilities.  These requirements also apply to institutes of technology and wānanga.
  • Building Warrant of Fitness
  • Evidence that the TEO has or will have a right to occupy or use the premises or other teaching and administration sites before instruction commences i.e. a signed copy of the lease or tenure agreement OR a copy of the ownership papers
  • Confirmation that all applicable legal and regulatory requirements have and will continue to be met. This includes health and safety specific to the site, and all building code and consents, and resource consent requirements. These must be included in the completed and signed Site Attestation form (DOCX, 68KB) which attests that all applicable legal and regulatory requirements have been met.

Temporary sites

A temporary site would be used occasionally and would not warrant the TEO entering into long-term arrangements for tenure. Typically, a TEO will rent a temporary site on an infrequent basis or for a specified short term and will be able to advise NZQA of a start and end date for the use of the site.

The TEO must have systems in place to ensure temporary sites are checked for suitability as teaching venues and that all legal and health and safety requirements are being met.

Information NZQA needs for temporary sites

The TEO must notify NZQA of:

  • Location of the new temporary site(s) it intends to use
  • Programme(s) or training scheme(s) to be delivered at the site(s)
  • Suitablity of each site for the proposed delivery and how it meets all legal, and health and safety requirements
  • Anticipated start and end dates of use.

Email this information to Client Services.

What happens next?

Permanent sites

A TEO can start delivery at a new site after its application has been approved by NZQA.

NZQA will evaluate applications for permanent site approval to ensure the new site is appropriate for the delivery of education or training.

If required, an NZQA evaluator will make additional inquiries or request more information.

In some instances NZQA may wish to visit the new site.

Temporary sites

A TEO can start delivery at a new temporary site after it has notified NZQA. If NZQA requires further information, it will contact the TEO.

What will it cost?

Permanent sites

NZQA charges $150 per hour (GST exclusive) for evaluation of applications for approval of a new permanent delivery site. If NZQA needs to visit the site, the TEO will be charged for two hours' evaluation time, travel and related expenses.

Temporary sites

There is no charge for notification of temporary delivery sites.

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