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The following resources have been developed to assist with the assessment of NZQA developed first aid unit standards and the development of training based on those standards.

First Aid Training in New Zealand - Information Sheet for Employers and Employees

The New Zealand Qualifications Authority and Department of Labour have jointly published an information sheet that provides answers to common questions around first aid training in New Zealand.

Please contact National Qualifications Services for a copy of the First Aid Training in New Zealand - Information Sheet for Employers and Employees.

Please note: This information sheet is currently being updated to show the change to expiry date for the 6400 series unit standards.

Training Requirements

Training requirements for quality provision of unit standard-based first aid training have been developed to outline requirements to training providers, learners, and employers for first aid training based on currently registered NZQA unit standards. These training requirements apply to all providers of NZQA unit standards-based first aid training from 1 December 2010.

NZQA First Aid Training Requirements (PDF, 60KB)

Quality Assurance of First Aid Delivery (PDF, 39KB)

First Aid Unit Standards

25459 Provide first aid for young children

26551 Provide first aid for life threatening conditions

26552 Demonstrate knowledge of common first aid conditions and how to respond to them

6400 Manage first aid in emergency situations

6401 Provide first aid

6402 Provide resuscitation level 2

First Aid unit standards review

The New Zealand Qualifications Authority, through its National Qualifications Services team, has standard setting responsibility for generic first aid unit standards.  This includes unit standards 6400, 6401, and 6402, as well as unit standards 26551 and 26552.

NZQA has received feedback from providers that while unit standards 26551 and 26552 were deemed to replace unit standards 6400, 6401 and 6402, the outcomes are not equivalent and they do not meet the first aid training outcomes being requested by industry.

In January 2013, NZQA held an initial sector meeting to canvas any issues requiring resolution and provide direction to NZQA on the skills and knowledge deemed critical for generic first aid training for the sector which need to be addressed in any review of the first aid unit standards.

This review is now underway.

Project Advisory Group

NZQA has established a project advisory group (PAG) for the review.  The PAG will be expected to:

  • provide high-level advice and expertise during the review of the standards
  • provide direction to the expert panel working group
  • communicate progress to key stakeholders and other interested parties
  • provide final endorsement of the unit standards developed.

The terms of reference for the PAG are available here (PDF, 20KB).

The PAG membership is:

  • Trevor Auld, New Zealand Defence Force
  • Janet Brothers, New Zealand Contractors Federation
  • Janet Carmichael, New Zealand Red Cross
  • Graham Dennis, Professional Emergency Care Association of New Zealand
  • Nathan Freeman, Industry Training Organisations
  • Shirley Kerr, St John
  • Nigel Key, New Zealand Emergency Care Group
  • Richard Steel, Government
  • Jonathon Webber, New Zealand Resuscitation Council
  • Kathy Wright, C4 Group Ltd
  • Graham Wrigley, Association of Emergency Care Training Providers

Minutes of the PAG:

Clarifications for First aid standards

This information aims to assist TEOs and schools to ensure assessment materials and assessor decisions for First Aid unit standards 6400, 6401 and 6402 meet the national standard.  NZQA moderation decisions are based on this information.

The information updates that provided in the circular NQF2009/003 (PDF, 163KB) sent to all TEOs in October 2009 and includes the following revisions:

General information applying to all First Aid standards - additional commentary on developing and submitting pools of scenarios.

For standard 6400, interpretation of “multiple major injuries”.

For standard 6401, interpretation of the range items.

For standard 6402, update to reflect requirements of the revised New Zealand Resuscitation guidelines (2010).

Interpretation for the defibrillation aspect of the 2010 New Zealand Resuscitation Council algorithm as it relates to First aid unit standards 6402, 26551 and 25459.


Users of these resources are encouraged to share their feedback with National Qualifications Services.

Accreditation and Moderation Action Plan for domain First Aid

AMAP 0230

Further Information

Department of Labour information and guidance on first aid for workplaces is available here.

Information on the New Zealand Resuscitation Council and their guidelines is available here.

Good Practice Assessment: Key indicators and specific guidelines for assessment of First Aid unit standards

This document provides guidance and includes key indicators for good practice assessment.  Additionally, it provides guidelines specific to assessment of First Aid unit standards 26551, 26552 and 25459.

First Aid Good Practice Assessment Guidelines (PDF, 37KB)

First Aid Assessment Support Material 

Material has been developed to support the assessment of first aid unit standards 26551 and 26552. This material is for assessor guidance; its use is not mandatory. Assessors are encouraged to adapt these and develop assessments that are relevant to the context their assessment occurs in. Use of this material does not preclude providers from engaging in national external moderation.

Assessment support material for 26551 Provide first aid for life threatening conditions

Version 2 (DOC, 637KB)  

Assessment support material for 26552 Demonstrate knowledge of common first aid conditions and how to respond to them

Version 3 (DOC, 108KB)  
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