Vocational Pathways Assessment Support Material (ASM)

The Vocational Pathways provide new ways to structure and achieve NCEA Level 2, the foundation for successful transitions to further education and work. They enable students to see how their learning is relevant for a wide range of jobs and study options in six broad sectors of industry:

You can read the Vocational Pathways programme guidance documents.

Other Vocational Pathway Internal Assessment Resources are available on the Ministry of Education website.  Some Industry Training Organisations (ITO) also offer ASMs for Vocational Pathways.  For more information on ITO ASMs, please click here.

Construction and Infrastructure  
Creative Industries  
Manufacturing and Technology  
Primary Industries  
Services Industries  
Social and Community Services  

The material available below is intended to:

  • be relevant to both the secondary and tertiary setting
  • provide a model to assist assessors to develop further tasks
  • make it easier for assessors to assess effectively, efficiently and consistently.

These resources are intended as a guide only.  You are expected to adapt them to ensure authenticity and develop assessments that are relevant to the context in which you're using them.


StdCreditsVerDomainVocational PathwaysStandard titleGuidelines

Level 1

56 2 6 Service Sector - Core Skills
Attend to customer enquiries face-to-face and on the telephone Assessor (DOCX, 778KB) Student (DOCX, 747KB)
1285 4 5 Interpersonal Communications
Make inquiries and complete practical transactions Assessor (DOCX, 198KB) Student (DOCX, 171KB)
1293 2 5 Interpersonal Communications
Be interviewed in an informal one-to-one, face-to-face interview Assessor (DOCX, 763KB) Student (DOCX, 739KB)
3503 2 4 Interpersonal Communications
Participate and communicate in a team or group to complete a routine task Assessor (DOCX, 173KB) Student (DOCX, 198KB)
4249 4 5 Work and Study Skills
Demonstrate care and timeliness as an employee Assessor (DOCX, 186KB) Student (DOCX, 171KB)
12382 2 3 Work and Study Skills
Describe the significance of one's work within an employing organisation Assessor (DOCX, 166KB) Student (DOCX, 169KB)
18758 2 4 Generic Computing
Find information using the internet Assessor (DOCX, 185KB) Student (DOCX, 184KB)

Level 2

377 2 5 Work and Study Skills
Demonstrate knowledge of diversity in the workplace Assessor (DOCX, 751KB) Student (DOCX, 744KB)
3488 6 4 Writing
Write business correspondence for a workplace Assessor (DOCX, 198KB) Student (DOCX, 173KB)
3492 3 5 Writing
Write a short report Assessor (DOCX, 165KB) Student (DOCX, 167KB)
7121 2 4 Work and Study Skills
Demonstrate skills to search, access, and select information Assessor (DOCX, 739KB) Student (DOCX, 748KB)
7123 2 2 Self-Management
Apply a problem solving method to a problem Assessor (DOCX, 312KB) Student (DOCX, 217KB)
7124 2 4 Social and Cooperative Skills
Demonstrate knowledge of one-to-one negotiation Assessor (DOCX, 767KB) Student (DOCX, 755KB)
9677 3 8 Interpersonal Communications
Participate in a group or team which has an objective Assessor (DOCX, 756KB) Student (DOCX, 736KB)
9680 3 4 Interpersonal Communications
Communicate within a specified organisational context Assessor (DOCX, 191KB) Student (DOCX, 193KB)
20332 3 4 Generic Computing
Use the internet for information retrieval in an organisation Assessor (DOCX, 214KB) Student (DOCX, 205KB)
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