Information for candidates

Information for candidates about making a derived grade application

You can apply for a derived grade if you:

  • Attended an NZQA external examination session and your performance has been significantly impaired for an approved reason.
  • Have been unable to attend an examination for an approved reason
  • Are unable to submit a completed portfolio (Design and Visual Communication, Technology, Level 3 Education for Sustainability or Level 3 Visual Arts) for an approved reason.
  • Have been selected for national representation in a sport or approved activity. This is a pre-approved process by NZQA. See your school's Principal's Nominee or download a pre-approval application form (DOCX, 67KB).

You will need to:

  • Download a derived grade application form (DOC, 240KB) or collect one from your school before proceeding.
  • Ensure this form is completed when you consult your medical practitioner, counsellor or relevant agency. The school cannot process your application without the appropriate sections being completed.
  • Make your derived grade applications through your school’s Principal's Nominee. So that the application can be submitted by the closing date, the completed application forms must be given to your Principal's Nominee by:
    • 12 noon 3 November for Design and Visual Communication, Level 3 Education for Sustainability, Technology or Level 3 Visual Arts.
    • 12 noon 8 December for standards assessed in NZQA external examination sessions. 2016 examination timetable
  • attach a Visual Arts derived grade label (DOCX, 42KB)to Level 3 Visual Arts portfolios prior to submission

The school can only submit a grade for you if this has been derived from authentic standard specific evidence from a quality assured assessment eg. school practice examination or an end of topic test. For Design and Visual Communication, Level 3 Education for Sustainability, Technology or Level 3 Visual Arts, you must submit the evidence you have produced through the year as instructed in the submission instructions. Check with your Principal's Nominee if you are unsure about this.

For approved applications the derived grade(s) submitted by the school will appear on your results notice when these are released in January.

Should your application be declined, you will be informed in writing by NZQA.

For detailed information and guidance about derived grade applications, refer to:

    1. NZQA derived grade guidelines and scenarios.
    2. NZQA assessment and examination rules.

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