Candidates who leave secondary education or transfer to another school

There is a different procedure for students who leave secondary education to those who transfer to another school.

Procedures for students leaving secondary education

If a student leaves secondary education, withdraw all entries that you will not report a result for (except for any external entries where the student has indicated they expect to sit the examination).  Leave the student active in your data file submission to NZQA (this will be different from what you notify to ENROL about this student) until the end of the following January, when you withdraw all leavers.  This will keep their results active.  You may need to contact your student management system vendor on how this can be achieved.  Confirm any fee payments and financial assistance applications.

If you withdraw a student's NZQA enrolment and no other school enters them, NZQA will no longer have an active file for them and they will not see their results online or gain any qualifications relevant to that year.

Procedures for students transfering to another school

Students can only have one active secondary school enrolment with NZQA each year.  This means that when a student transfers schools the following procedures must be followed.

School transferred to (new school)

The new school should request from the previous school a full transcript of the transferring student's results for the year. When making an enrollment for the student with NZQA, these results need to be reported using the previous school’s provider code to ensure the correct school is responsible for moderation.  The new school needs to make entries as appropriate for standards the student will be assessed for in the remainder of the year including externals.  Check fees payment and financial assistance with candidates, and enter financial assistance information as appropriate.

A list of contacts for Principal’s Nominees can be found in School’s Administration in the Provider Login.

If required a candidate's previous results, qualifications and endorsements can be obtained using the Candidate Results from Other Providers link in the Provider Login.

School transferred from (previous school)

The previous school is responsible for ensuring they withdraw all entries and the NZQA enrolment once they are confident the student has been enrolled with NZQA by another school.  If unsure of the destination school, treat the student as leaving secondary education until the transfer is confirmed.  When requested, the school must send a full transcript of the transferring student's results for the year, to the new school

Late External Entry process for transferring candidates

Students who transfer after 1 September will not have personalised papers at the new examination centre. The new school will need to follow the Late Entry process which includes adding the details of entries to the data submission but also requesting papers for the student.

The student will be marked absent at the previous school examination centre which will receive and return to NZQA their personalised papers.


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