Appeal a moderation report

A teacher has the right to appeal the moderation decisions contained in a moderation report for a standard.

The stages in the appeal process are as follows:

  1. The teacher reviews the moderation report from NZQA, which is available via the School Provider Login, and identifies the areas of the report that they wish to appeal.
  2. The teacher must discuss the report and their concerns with the Principal's Nominee.
  3. The Principal's Nominee:
  • considers the teacher's concerns to check for factual accuracy and matters of clarity or professional judgement
  • assembles the same materials that were sent for moderation, to support the appeal of the moderation report
  • completes the Moderation Appeal Cover Sheet. Download either:

Assessment and Moderation Services
New Zealand Qualifications Authority
125 The Terrace
Wellington 6011
  • sends the Moderation Appeal Cover Sheet, along with the materials noted on the cover sheet to:


  1. An appeal cannot proceed without inclusion of the original moderation materials.
  2. The Principal's Nominee can expect a response within six weeks.

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