NZQA moderation plan

Each school has an annual submission date for external moderation. The submission date is usually established at the conclusion of the previous year, when schools receive a moderation plan, which states the standards that have been selected for moderation.

Select students' work samples

Work samples should be randomly selected using the school's approved selection method. Read Guidelines for the Selection of Student Work for Moderation (PDF, 132KB).

For unit standards, the school must send the relevant assessment activity schedule and four samples of student work for standards with Achieved criteria only, or eight samples of student work for standards with Achieved, Merit and Excellence criteria.

For achievement standards, the school must send the relevant assessment activity schedule and eight samples of student work.

If fewer than the required number of samples are submitted, the reason should be noted on the Secondary Moderation Cover Sheet.

When a recording is of a group, the individual whose work is being submitted for moderation should be clearly identified on the form Moderation Visual/Digital Evidence Cover Sheet.

In the case of individual performances, recordings should only include the performance of students whose work is being submitted for moderation.

Submit materials for moderation

Schools submit materials for each standard that has been selected for moderation, as follows:

  1. Randomly select student work for moderation.
  2. Complete a Secondary Moderation Cover Sheet for each standard.
    Download either:
  3. Place the moderation materials and Secondary Moderation Cover Sheets in the courier bag supplied by NZQA.
  4. Send the courier bag to NZQA by the submission date.

Alternatively, by submitting a URL through the moderation plan via the provider secure login page.


What happens next?

NZQA uses moderators, who are assessment experts in each subject, to review the school's assessment materials against the national standard. The moderators check the assessment judgements of the sample of students' work.

The subject moderator prepares a moderation report for each standard. This report indicates whether the assessment materials are at the national standard, or if modifications are required. It also shows how many of the teacher's overall judgements of student performance were at the national standard.

NZQA will return assessment materials to the school and moderation reports can be viewed via the School Provider Login.

Teachers have the right to appeal or seek clarification of a moderation decision.

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