Submission of materials for moderation online

NZQA is aware that education organisations are being innovative in digitally-enabled teaching, learning and assessment practices. In response to this, NZQA has developed an online application for managing national external moderation. This will improve the end-to-end process of the moderation cycle and the way education organisations and NZQA interact. However, the purpose of moderation remains unchanged.

Within this new application education organisations can:

  • manage moderation plans
  • submit materials for moderation online or continue to submit physical material in courier bags
  • submit materials at any time throughout the year
  • access moderation reports and their annual summary
  • query or appeal a moderation report, and
  • track progress of moderation submissions via a dashboard.

This new application is available through Provider Logins by selecting the External Moderation link.

The key parts within the external moderation application are:

  • Assessment Plan – create an assessment plan
  • Moderation – moderation plan and submit moderation
  • Moderation History - the moderation history link in the application is to access moderation history from 2017. Moderation reports prior to 2017 can be accessed via the Provider Login page.
  • Annual Summaries - annual moderation summary letters


The new external moderation application is browser based. The following are supported browsers and versions to run the application:

  • MS Internet Explorer 11.*
  • Google Chrome 45+
  • Mozilla Firefox 31+
  • Apple Safari 8.*



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