Moderation Plan

The moderation plan lists NZQA-managed standards for which your education organisation submits student evidence for moderation, and the final date by which the material must be submitted. Materials can be submitted early, before the due date.

Submission of materials for moderation

Education organisations can submit materials online through the moderation plan. This is done by selecting the individual standards in the plan.

The moderation process is started through the application, including for those standards where materials will be submitted in courier bags. This means it is not necessary to complete a Moderation Cover Sheet as this information is entered online.

Digital submissions can be made directly through the application at any time. For physical submissions, courier bags will still be provided in time for your submission date. If any physical moderation is to be submitted early then bags will need to be requested from NZQA. In which case, all bags for all subjects will be provided early.

Irrespective of submitting online or by courier, you must include:

  • a copy of the task and any key supporting resources
  • a copy of the assessment schedule
  • up to 8 samples of student work consisting of the key materials that the assessor has used to make an assessment judgement.

For moderation to occur:

  • all files must be viewable online (see 'File types and sizes' below)
  • screen shots can be provided as evidence of student achievement
  • URLs, e.g. for student created websites, will need to be submitted as links within a document.

Training and support materials for using the external moderation application can be found here.

File types and sizes

The following table identifies the possible formats of file types that can be uploaded to the online application. Moderators will not be able to access materials in any format not listed below. Most files can be saved or exported to PDF format (using File, Save As functionality), or readily converted online. See, for example, There are also various offline file conversion programs available.

Files types

Preferred format

Formats also accepted



doc, docx, odt, xls, xlsx, csv, ods, ppt, pptx, odp


insert into a pdf



mp3, wav



mp4, avi, mov


For ease of upload, individual file sizes are best kept to under 100MB. If your file is more than 100MB then please contact NZQA to discuss options (such as file conversion or splitting).

It is important that zipped files are not uploaded, because they cannot be viewed within the platform, and the moderation application cannot accept any HTML coding or .exe (executable) files as these may compromise the platform.

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