TEO compliance declaration

Prior to participation in external evaluation and review (EER), all tertiary education organisations (TEOs) are required to submit a declaration of compliance with appropriate legislation, rules and other requirements.

Compliance declarations must be made using the TEO Compliance Declaration (PDF, 330KB) form and signed by the Chief Executive.

Compliance declarations provide NZQA with information about a TEO’s compliance with relevant requirements, for use when scoping an EER. In addition, compliance declarations aim to ensure TEOs have processes in place to regularly review compliance matters.

NZQA may visit a TEO, following the submission of its compliance declaration, to validate the information provided. If your TEO is subject to a validation visit, an NZQA staff member will make contact with you to arrange the visit.

Further information

Further information about compliance declarations is available at TEO compliance declaration questions and answers.

Submitting your compliance declaration

TEOs are required to return their completed compliance declaration at the same time as their self-assessment summary and TEO details form. A TEO’s EER notification letter will provide the date by which this information must be supplied to NZQA.

Completed compliance declarations should be sent to:

Client Service Coordinator
Quality Assurance Division
New Zealand Qualifications Authority
PO Box 160
Wellington 6140

Using information from compliance declarations

Primarily, compliance declarations are designed to provide NZQA with information about a TEO’s compliance with relevant requirements to inform the scoping of EER.

TEOs are encouraged to declare any identified incidences of non-compliance, and detail any actions being taken as a result. This would be an indicator of effective self-assessment and enable NZQA to proactively engage with the provider about its expectations with regard to particular compliance requirements. Where non-compliance is declared, compliance issues may also be incorporated within the scope of the subsequent EER.

NZQA’s approach to risk management is to provide TEOs with an opportunity to address any non-compliance issues prior to considering any statutory action. NZQA will only consider taking immediate statutory action in the event that non-compliance poses immediate and significant risk.

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