New Zealand Scholarship Chemistry

2016 Assessment Report

Chemistry assessment specification

Scholarship Performance Standard (93102) Chemistry
Mode of Assessment Written Examination
For Year 2017

Format of the assessment

There will be no more than four questions. Questions may be open-ended or structured in a step-wise fashion. 

Equipment to bring

Calculators are permitted.   

Resources or information supplied

A periodic table, giving element symbols, atomic numbers and molar masses, will be provided. Other numerical data will be provided in questions as needed.

Symbols, nomenclature, spelling, and formatting will follow IUPAC conventions as much as possible. These are shown in the reference sheet Quantities, Units, Symbols, and Nomenclature used in Chemistry (PDF, 255KB). This reference sheet will NOT be provided with the examination.

Special notes

All working should be shown in calculations. Numerical answers should be rounded to an appropriate number of significant figures. Correct units must be included. Explanations and calculations are expected to be well set out and concise.

Content/context details

Questions may be asked within a variety of appropriate contexts, some of which may be unfamiliar to the candidates. Some questions may involve extended discussion, where the candidate needs to judge what is required.

Content from Level 2 is assumed and may be examined.

Resource and/or question material may involve the spectroscopy standard.

Questions may require skills developed during practical work, such as processing and evaluation of data or information, communication of ideas, and problem solving.

Quantities, Units, Symbols, and Nomenclature

See reference sheet (PDF, 255KB).  

2017 Examination timetable

Chemistry resources

The links listed below are for resources to help teachers and students understand what is required for success in New Zealand Scholarship.

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