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2016 Assessment Report

Physical Education assessment specification

Scholarship Performance Standard (93501) Physical Education
Mode of Assessment Submitted Report
For Year 2017
Submission Date Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Specific information

Familiarity with the New Zealand Scholarship Physical Education resources, including the descriptors in the Performance Standard, is essential. New Zealand Scholarship candidates are expected to demonstrate high-level critical thinking, abstraction and generalisation, and to integrate, synthesise and apply knowledge, skills, understanding and ideas to complex situations. In Scholarship Physical Education, critical evaluation will be expected as a vital component of the report.

Format of the assessment

Assessment will be in the form of a report.

Candidates will self-select a suitable topic to produce the report.

The report will be a critical evaluation of an aspect or aspects drawn from the Health and Physical Education curriculum at Level 8 and will be supported by an organised collection of evidence.

Evidence to support the report may be drawn from one major unit of work or multiple units of work in a Level 3 course, provided they are linked and integrated to generate a coherent body of material. Note: a unit is not a Level 3 Achievement Standard.

The report may be submitted as hard copy, or as a digital submission, or a combination of both hard copy and digital material. The report may contain images, sketches, diagrams, illustrations, and other forms of graphic representation.

The report must not exceed the equivalent of 30 double-spaced single-sided A4 pages. Pages should be numbered. References should be given in an appropriate format, preferably footnotes.

The font in reports must be the approximate equivalent of Arial 12.

Material obviously in excess of the maximum limit will not be marked. Repeated or extraneous material may be seen as evidence of flawed communication.

Appendices to the report must contain only selected relevant information that is directly referred to in the report, e.g. a questionnaire or brief video.

Material can be submitted digitally on CD or DVD. Schools must securely store a copy of all work submitted digitally. Material submitted on a USB drive will NOT be assessed.

Selecting a Scholarship report topic (PDF, 38KB) 

Brain Map to support planning (PDF, 294KB)


Hard copy reports must be securely stapled in the top left-hand corner. Digitally submitted reports must be securely contained in a protective disk cover. Candidate reports must have the candidate’s NSN on the cover and disc surface and at the top right-hand corner of hard copy.

Each report will be submitted in an individual folder supplied by NZQA in a mail-out to schools in October. The folder will be personalised for each candidate.

To complete the submission process, candidates and teachers must follow the submission instructions published on the subject page in July and sent to schools with the folders and other submission materials.

Note: Reports will not be returned to candidates.


For assessment purposes, candidates must provide material that is their own work and demonstrates their own ability.

Candidates are required to validate their work by signing an Authenticity Declaration Form that will be available on the folder cover.

Physical Education resources

The links listed below are for resources to help teachers and students understand what is required for success in New Zealand Scholarship

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