Review of university entrance 2010

The NZQA Board approved the undertaking of a review of university entrance late in 2009. The project will review the common educational standard for entrance to New Zealand universities known as university entrance.

The introduction of NCEA in 2001 necessitated a change to the then university entrance requirement. The requirement before the introduction of NCEA was the achievement of three C's in Bursary. The NZQA Board agreed a replacement common standard in 2003 for implementation in 2004. The NZQA Board also decided that the common standard should remain in place for at least two years and that the literacy requirement should be further considered after that period.

A review of the current requirements occurred in 2005 /2006. The only changes made through this review were the additions of subjects to the list of approved subjects. However, it was noted that the literacy requirements would need further work in the future.

The common standard should provide evidence that a student has a reasonable chance of success at degree level study.

As tertiary education organisations other than universities deliver degrees, the possibility of applying a common standard for entrance to degree level study beyond universities will be explored within the review.

Special admission (entry to university by students 20 years old and over without university entrance) is also related to entrance to university. Therefore, the Ministry of Education will address special admission as part of this review.

Students seeking entry into universities or tertiary educational organisations for the 2014 academic year will be the first to use any changes made to the common standard.

An advisory group has been formed to provide expert advice to the project working group. The advisory group includes tertiary and secondary school students and knowledge holders from the university, wider tertiary education and senior secondary schooling sectors. Following any decisions to change the existing common standard, consultation will be undertaken. Finally, any agreed changes will be communicated to secondary school students, their parents and the schooling and tertiary education sectors.

Read the Terms of Reference (PDF, 129KB) for the Review of university entrance, 2010

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