Documents required for an International Qualification Assessment

New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) requires original documents of all qualifications gained in all countries, and all evidence of your work experience. All documents must be in English or translated into English.

The following original documents are required as part of your assessment:


Description / Additional Comments

Certificate of completion

The certificate you receive at the end of your final year at general or junior secondary school.

Degrees and diplomas or other award certificates from tertiary institutions, trade schools, technical colleges or specialised senior secondary schools

NZQA needs evidence of more than just your highest qualifications. If, for example, you have a master's degree, NZQA needs to also see your bachelor's degree and transcripts.

Transcripts of results, mark sheets or academic records for degrees, diplomas or other award certificates

If the institution where you studied does not provide transcripts or mark sheets, you will need to provide the equivalent information. This may be an index book, a diploma supplement, or an official curriculum. If none of these documents is issued, NZQA requires an original letter or other evidence from the institution, showing your course content.

Evidence of vocational or trades training (apprenticeship contracts, completion certificates, trade tests)

NZQA may also require a certified copy of the official syllabus/curriculum for the course of study and/or training you have completed.

Send certified copies of the following documents:

Certified copy

Description / Additional comments

ID page of an Identification document

Passport, driver's licence

Complete official academic syllabus / curriculum


Deed poll or marriage certificates

Showing change of name

Employment records or employer references describing your work experience and / or current practising certificate, registration or licence  

International Teaching Qualifications

If you hold an overseas initial teacher education (ITE) qualification and intend to apply for Teacher Registration and/or Teacher Salary in New Zealand, you should complete the question sheet attached to assist your application process. These are standard questions which we ask all applicants with overseas ITE qualifications. NZQA may cross reference your responses with information from your study institution.

Please complete a separate sheet for the different teaching qualifications you have.

Please note, the questions below only relate to teaching practicum completed as a compulsory component of your teaching qualification. NZQA does not assess experience completed outside of the requirements of your qualification (e.g. work experience) Download and complete the Teaching Practicum Form (DOCX, 15KB).

What is a certified copy?

Certified copies are photocopies that have been stamped and endorsed as a true copy of the original. To be certified, the document must:

  • be certified by an official of the issuing authority or a person authorised by law in your home country or New Zealand to certify documents. In New Zealand this is a Justice of the Peace, a lawyer or a court official.
  • have the official's signature on each page, with the name and title of the official shown clearly below their signature.

Documents translated into English

If any of your documents are not in English, you must obtain an official translation. See Translation of documents.

Safekeeping of documents

While in NZQA's care

NZQA is responsible for the safekeeping of original documents received from you. If any of your original documents are lost or damaged by NZQA, NZQA will help you to get a replacement copy and pay the costs.

However, any liability for the loss or damage to original documents is limited to replacement costs. NZQA is not responsible for any contingent liability or consequent losses, which result from the loss of or damage to the documents.

NZQA does not accept responsibility for safekeeping of documents

  • when in the care of a carrier or courier selected by you.
  • when you have supplied the wrong address or have not told NZQA that your address has changed.

Original documents returned to NZQA

Any original documents that are returned to NZQA from your last known address will be destroyed six years from the date your assessment report is issued. This is in accordance with NZQA's Records Retention and Disposal Policy. Please make sure you write to NZQA if you change your address, so your original documents can be returned to you.

Returning your documents to you

NZQA will not process your application unless you have done one of the following:

  • paid a return of documents fee
  • enclosed a traceable prepaid courier bag with your name and address written on the front for the return of documents
  • let NZQA know in writing that you do not want your documents back.

Original documents are returned to you when the evaluation is complete and the report is issued.


  • NZQA will not return original documentation by ordinary post.
  • NZQA will not accept International Postal Coupons as payment for return of documents.
  • NZQA recommends you use a courier service that requires a signature on receipt.

NZQA requires a courier bag large enough to hold your documents without unnecessary folding.

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