Documents required for an International Qualification Assessment

The IQA is an assessment of how your international qualification fits into the New Zealand system, so there are documents we need from you to complete your application. This includes your original qualification award and record of study.

The standard processing time for IQA applications is 35 working days.  We are able to meet this time only if you send us all the necessary documents as part of your application package. So it is important you send us all the necessary documents as part of your application package.

Please note: Your IQA application form is filled out online and payment is made online during this process as well, but you're required to send your supporting documents to us via courier. We'll return your documents if you've paid the courier return fee or if you've included a prepaid courier bag with your documents.

Documents we require for an IQA

We need them because ...

There are a number of reasons we ask for originals of some of your documents, including ensuring the authenticity of your qualification, to make sure our assessment of your qualifications is accurate, and because details can easily be lost or cut off with scans and photocopies.

A CERTIFIED copy of your passport bio-data page: the page that shows your photograph, your full name and date of birth.
What's a certified copy?

The ORIGINAL qualification award: that was issued to you when you graduated (NOT a copy). (Common names include: your degree, diploma or certificate).

The ORIGINAL and complete record of study (NOT a copy): that was issued to you along with your original award (degree/diploma/certificate etc), which shows all the papers/subjects you completed and the marks/grades you received for each. (Common names include: your transcript, diploma supplement, mark sheet, record of learning, apprenticeship).

We ask for your record of study in order to help us understand the content of your qualification. If your record of study doesn't have detailed information on it about your papers or grades, please also provide a syllabus or course outline of your qualification. If you don't have this in your possession, you'll need to contact your education provider for help.

If you changed education providers mid-study, or were allowed credit from one qualification to count towards another qualification, this must be on the transcript. NZQA needs to see the full account of the content and grades of your study. If your transcript doesn't provide a clear explanation of your circumstances and these details, please contact the education provider where you completed your qualification, and ask for a letter that has a full explanation to send to us in addition to your transcript.

More documents you may need to supply, depending on your individual circumstance:

A certified copy showing evidence of your name change

If the name on your passport is not the same as the name on your qualification/s. This could be a marriage certificate, deed poll or other official documentation to explain why the name on your qualification differs to your official identification document. You'll need to submit this as well as a certified copy of your passport bio-data page.

You may need to submit the underpinning qualification if you intend to have a higher qualification evaluated. The underpinning qualification is the qualification that provided entry to the higher programme of study and provides information on the educational pathway Please contact us if you are unsure or need further information.

Teaching Practicum form

You'll need to complete the Teaching Practicum Form and send it along with your other documents to support your IQA if you hold an overseas initial teacher education (ITE) qualification and are intending to use the IQA to help you apply for Teacher Registration and/or Teacher Salary in New Zealand. Or, if you're applying for an IQA because you're a registered school teacher in New Zealand with a NZ teaching qualification, and you want your qualifications assessed for Teacher Salary purposes.

Download the Teaching Practicum form (DOC, 35KB)

English translations of all of the above

If your documents are not in English, you'll need to have them translated by a recognised translation service, onto an official letterhead with the stamp or signature of the translator or translation service. When you're required to submit an ORIGINAL document (see above), we'll need the original document in the original language, AS WELL AS the official English translation of it.

The translation cannot be prepared by you, any member of your family, your agent, or any person interested in the outcome of your application.

See a list of recommended translators in New Zealand.

Common documentation (originals or certified copies) sent to us that we do not require:

  • High school certificate/proof of matriculation
  • Photocopies of all your documents
  • Every page of your passport (we only need your bio-data page as a certified copy)
  • Birth certificates
  • Work experience letters, work contracts, or work references (work experience is not relevant to QRS assessments unless it's part of the process to gain a formal apprenticeship or trade qualification.
  • CV/Resume
  • Bank or salary details
  • Portfolios of any description
  • Licences or non-NZ registration documentation
  • IELTS/TOEFL certs or any other English language competency cert.

What's a certified copy?

A certified copy is a colour (not black and white) photocopy that has been stamped or endorsed by a person to confirm it is a true copy of the original document.

The person certifying your documents needs to:

  • make the following statement:

“I certify this to be a true and accurate copy of the original, which I have sighted”, or an equivalent statement

  • certify each page of the document (not just the front page)
  • clearly state their name and title under their signature (either hand-written or stamped)

Who can certify your documents?

The person certifying your document must NOT be involved in your application in any other way or role. For example, it may NOT be your Agent or Advisor.

People who can certify are:

  • Lawyer (Barrister or Solicitor)
  • Notary Public/ Public Notary/ Notary
  • Justice of the Peace (applies to NZ JPs only)
  • Court Registrar or Deputy Registrar (applies to NZ Registrars only)

How to send your documents

There are two components to applying for your IQA – the online application form with payment, and the mailing of physical documents to NZQA.

  • Step 1: Fill out the IQA form online, submit
  • Step 2: Gather all your necessary documents, as stated above.
    • If you're based in New Zealand, include a prepaid, trackable courier bag with your name and address on it, which is large enough to hold your documents without bending or folding – we will use this to send your documents back to you. If you don't include this or you're based overseas, you'll need to pay the $41 'return documents' fee at the time you submit your IQA form online. Please note: We can't process your application until we have either the courier bag or the paid return documents fee.
    • Include your completed Teaching Practicum Form if you're a teacher applying for Teacher Registration/Salary.
  • Step 3: Send all you documents via trackable courier pack to:

    PO Box 160
    Wellington 6140
    New Zealand
    Attention: QRS
  • Step 4: NZQA will return your documents via courier post

Have you read enough and understand the application process?

If you’re unsure of what documents you need to send us, you can Contact us to find out.

Do you have all your documents ready??


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