Documents required for an International Qualification Assessment

This page describes the documents we require from you in support of your IQA. Please choose the country in which your qualification was issued – documentation requirements are arranged by country below. If your country is not listed, please contact us. Read all instructions carefully to ensure that you provide the correct versions of your documents. 

NZQA now accepts legible, coloured, scanned, and certified digital copies of accompanying documents. You must check the list of documents required for the country in which your award was issued. 

About scans and certified copies

As part of your application you will send scanned PDF or digital photo files of your certified documents. Include images of the backs of any document that has information on its other side). Each document should be saved as a separate file (e.g., do not combine all of your pdfs/images into one file). 

Certified copies must be stamped/endorsed by a competent authority with the legal right to make a certifying statement with wording (or similar if not in English) as follows:

  • “I certify this is a true and accurate copy of the original document seen by me”.
  • The statement must include: Stamp/formal endorsement with full name, official title/position of signatory, date, followed by signature.
  • The certifying statement must be clear and legible, and must be completed for each page of the documents submitted.

Competent authorities include:

  • Consular officials of an Embassy/High Commission.
  • Government/Municipal officials with the legal right to take official declarations.
  • A Notary service with the legal right to take official declarations or with an official Apostille stamp.
  • An officer of the court with the legal right to take official declarations.
  • A Justice of the Peace with the legal right to take official declarations.

It is your responsibility to ensure the person making the declaration for your documents has the legal right to take official declarations in the country of your residence. In addition, the person certifying your document must NOT be involved in your application in any other way or role. For example, it may NOT be your Agent or Adviser.

NZQA reserves the right to require additional proof of authenticity of any declaration relating to documents submitted. Additionally, NZQA can request documents be resubmitted if the content is unclear or ambiguous.

Description of required qualification documents

Award certificate: This is the diploma or certificate issued by your awarding body. It should state your name, the name of your qualification, and the date on which the qualification/title was conferred. This is the document you might receive at a graduation ceremony following the completion of your course.

Transcripts: The transcripts (sometimes called mark sheets) are the record of your study, and should include the names of all of the classes/modules/papers that you have completed. The transcripts should contain a full academic record of your studies and include marks from all years.

Passport Bio-Data Page: This is the section of your passport that shows your photograph, name, date of birth, and nationality. 

Evidence of Name Change: If your current legal name (the name that is listed in your passport) is different from the name listed on your award certificate, you must provide evidence of your name change. This could be a marriage certificate.

Skill Shortage List Form: If you are applying under a Skill Shortage List (e.g., the Long Term Skill Shortage List or Immediate Skill Shortage List), download and complete this form and return it to us with your other documents. Download the Skill Shortage List Form (PDF, 334KB)

Teaching Practicum Form: If you intend to use the IQA to help you apply for teacher registration and/or teacher salary in New Zealand you will need to download and complete this form and return it to use with your other documents. Download the Teaching Practicum Form  (DOC, 54KB)

Documents (including your scanned and signed IQA cover sheet) are to be submitted by email to:, with the subject line to include your NZQA application number.

For general queries, please email us at, or call us at +64 (4) 463 3000 (Freephone in NZ: 0800 697 296).

Country List

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