Pre-Assessment Result (PAR)

Designed for immigration purposes, the Pre-Assessment Result (PAR) is an indicative assessment of how your international qualification is likely to compare to a level in the NZQF. It's a part of the Expression of Interest that you'll complete for Immigration NZ, during the process of applying for the Skilled Migrant immigrant visa.

Who needs to complete the PAR?

Anyone who's completing an "Expression of Interest" through Immigration NZ, where they've requested you to complete a PAR to support your Expression of Interest application. 

This flow chart will help you to decide if you need a PAR:

Do I need a Pre-Assessment Result?

  • Question 1
    Are you intending to submit an Expression of Interest to Immigration New Zealand?

    A PAR is generally a part of the Expression of Interest for the Skilled Migrant Visa through Immigration NZ.
    Yes - Go to question 2
    If you're choosing 'Yes', it's most likely because Immigration NZ has requested it. If you're uncertain, check with Immigration NZ.
    No - Go to answer 1
    Not everyone needs a PAR as a part of their Expression of Interest, but if you're unsure, check with Immigration NZ.
  • Question 2
    Does your qualification appear on the list of Qualifications Exempt from Assessment?

    Please check this list before you proceed.
    Yes - Go to answer 1
    You may not need to complete this assessment. Please check with Immigration NZ.
    No - Go to question 3
    Your qualification isn't on the list of Qualifications Exempt from Assessment.
  • Question 3
    Did you study, full-time, for at least one semester for your qualification?
    Yes - Go to question 4
    You studied full-time during your course for at least one semester.
    No - Go to answer 1
    Your course didn't allow for fulltime study or you didn't complete full-time study for at least one semester.
  • Question 4
    Could your qualification be classed as an industry certification or registration?
    Yes - Go to answer 1
    Your qualification is an industry certification or registration i.e. a Cisco or Microsoft certification.
    No - Go to answer 2
    Your qualification is something else, such as a diploma, degree or certificate.
  • Answer 1
    You don't need to submit a PAR.
    If you have any questions, please check with Immigration New Zealand or the person who requested you complete an assessment.
  • Answer 2
    You don't need to submit a PAR.
    Note: If you're in a professional field you may still need to contact the professional body within New Zealand to have your qualification recognised with them. Please check with Immigration NZ
  • Answer 3
    You don't need to submit a PAR.
    Without a semester of full-time study, your qualification may not be able to be recognised by NZQA, which could affect your ability to gain a Skilled Migrant Visa. Talk to Immigration NZ with further questions.
  • Answer 4
    You don't need to submit a PAR.
    Your qualification may not be able to be recognised by NZQA. Our definition of a qualification is a complete programme of learning that meets these NZQA criteria:

    • the programme of learning is offered by a recognised provider of higher education in the country in which it's awarded
    • the programme of learning is a minimum of one full-time semester of study (approximately)
  • Answer 5
    Please complete a PAR application.

How long does it take to have my PAR assessed?

Approximately 20 working days.

This time may increase if we need to contact you to clarify any of the information about your qualification that you've put in your application. The 20 days are counted from the time we receive a correct and complete application, as well as confirmation of payment.

How much does it cost?

$138 NZD for the PAR, which is paid at the last step of your online application.

View all assessment fees

Guide to applying for a PAR

  1. Apply online
    You can complete the online PAR form. Unlike the IQA, with the PAR you aren't required to send any documentation (though you may be asked for additional information if necessary). However we ask that you be as detailed as possible with your qualification information, and you'll need to complete a separate PAR form for each qualification you'd like to have assessed. 
  2. Use your PAR for your immigration process
    With your PAR, which gives you an indication of where your qualification will fit within the New Zealand context, you should be able to complete your Expression of Interest with Immigration NZ. If this is successful, you'll be given an 'Invitation to Apply' to continue your process towards moving to New Zealand. As a part of this process, you may then need to go on to complete an International Qualifications Assessment (IQA), also completed by NZQA – please check whether you're required to complete an IQA with Immigration NZ before applying.


When the PAR can't recognise your qualification

In some cases we won't be able to provide an indication of how your qualification will likely fit within the NZQF, due to these reasons:

  • The age of your qualification
  • Educational changes in the country it was awarded
  • The accreditation status of the education provider who awarded your qualification
  • Whether your qualification is in fact considered a qualification
  • Where the awarding body and study education provider are situated in different countries
  • Your qualification is an academic high school qualification

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