Terms and conditions - Pre-assessment Result (PAR)

  1. As the applicant, you must either yourself or through your agent, fill out all compulsory fields in the on-line application form with true and correct information. If not, NZQA may be unable to process the application.
  2. The only document required by NZQA from you is the completed on-line application form. Please DO NOT SEND any other documents with this on-line application, as they are not needed. If you do send any other documents, they will be returned only if you supply or pay for a prepaid courier bag, or if they are personally collected. For personal collection, identification is required.
  3. The PAR is only issued for the purposes of an ‘Expression of Interest' by an intending immigrant in being invited to apply for residence in New Zealand under the Skilled Migrant Category, and not for any other purpose. If you use the PAR for any other purpose, that is your sole responsibility.
  4. If your application contains any false statements, provides any false or misleading information, omits to provide any relevant information, or is altered in any unauthorised manner, your application may be declined or your Pre-assessment Result may later be revoked.
  5. If the awarding institution of your nominated qualification is not accredited by the national accrediting body for the country involved, or if the accreditation details of the awarding institution of your nominated qualification are not known to NZQA at the time of finalising your application, NZQA will issue a PAR that notes this fact.
  6. NZQA will contact you or your nominated agent, and issue your PAR, only by email.
  7. NZQA must be informed by you or your agent if either of your email addresses changes during the application process. This will ensure that correspondence can be delivered to the correct email address. If you or your agent's email address information is inaccurate or if there are email supply problems NZQA cannot be responsible for non-delivery of your PAR.
  8. You must have the lawful right to provide and use the credit card details that you provide for payment.
  9. The assessment of your application will not commence until full payment of the application fee is made to NZQA. If payment is declined at any point, the assessment work will stop until payment is received. If the PAR has been issued but payment of the application fee has been stopped or reversed for any reason, you remain liable to NZQA for payment of the application fee, along with NZQA's costs of collection of that fee from you.
  10. No refunds of the application fee will be made, unless required by law.

Privacy Statement

NZQA will hold your application information for a period of 6 years. The information is held by NZQA at 125 The Terrace, Wellington, 6140, New Zealand (PO Box 160).

NZQA may share your information with Immigration New Zealand, given that the purpose of your application is to provide the PAR to Immigration New Zealand. NZQA will also share your information with any agent that you nominate, until such time as you give NZQA notice that it should no longer do so.

If you are in New Zealand, you have the right to see the information held about you. If you think it is necessary, you may ask for any of the information to be corrected.

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