Mandatory Review of Foundation and Bridging qualifications at levels 1-6

Current developments

The four Foundation and Bridging qualifications have been approved for listing and are published on the NZQA website:

The two Bicycle qualifications have been approved for listing and are published on the NZQA website:

The three Steiner Education qualifications have been approved for listing and are published on the NZQA website:

Assessment standards list

In response to requests, we have developed an indicative list (PDF, 93KB) of assessment standards that may be relevant for programmes leading to award of the New Zealand Certificate in Foundation Skills (Level 1).

Not all standards on this list will be relevant to all programmes.  Please remember too that any programme is much more than just a list of standards: it addresses, amongst other things, learning and teaching issues relevant to participants and their context(s).  For more information on programme approval, please click here.

Qualification Developer

Nominations were received from two organisations. The Governance Group recommendation is included on page 6 of the response document (PDF, 555KB).

Links to review documents

Stage 2: (Approval to List)

Stage 1: (Approval to Develop)


Qualifications which provide a pathway or lead to further education and training (at levels 1-5) are being reviewed in 2014 as part of the nation-wide mandatory review of qualifications.  The list of qualifications that are part of this cluster is in the qualification review schedule 2014.

The mandatory review is to reduce the duplication and proliferation of qualifications on a national scale, and to ensure that qualifications are useful, relevant and valuable to current and future learners, employers and other stakeholders.

Governance Group

The Governance Group convened for a two-day meeting on 28-29 January and 6 March 2014.  The plan for the review was discussed and confirmed, and a set of new qualifications (PDF, 302KB) proposed based on the needs presented.

Consultation 1

Thank you to all participants who took time to respond to the consultation on the draft qualifications (5 - 28 February).  The Governance Group met on 6 March to consider all the responses and altered the titles of the qualifications, recommended investigation of additional qualifications through the Matauranga Maori Evaluative Quality Assurance pathway, and wrote the guidelines for Working Groups.  A summary of the consultation can be found in the minutes for meeting 2 (PDF, 242KB).

Working groups for the new qualifications

Working groups met on 18-19 March to write the strategic purpose statements and outcome statements for the new qualifications.  The Governance Group met on 30 April to review the draft qualifications and consider the feedback from the working groups.

Consultation 2

Most respondents supported the four draft qualifications proposed to replace the current local and national qualifications, and several amendments were made to address the concerns raised, particularly around the need to ensure flexibility in content. Most respondents were positive about their ability to meet their students’ needs, with several people noting that core capabilities are always developed within context of a particular content area.  A summary of the consultation and subsequent amendments can be found in the meeting notes for 4 June. Further consultation will occur in Stage 2 of the review.

The application for Approval to Develop the amended Foundation and Bridging qualifications (PDF, 204KB) was submitted on 30 June. The Governance Group received ‘Approval to Develop’ these qualifications on 22 October, and discussed the application evaluation report with the analysts on 29 October.

Stage 2

The Governance Group met on 27 November to plan timelines and activities for stage two of the review and to revise the draft qualifications to meet NZQA listing requirements.

The specifications and conditions for the proposed qualifications were recommended by working groups which met on 27 and 29 January.  The Governance Group met on 9 February to endorse recommendations, amend the qualifications, and approve the consultation document.

The final consultation for the proposed Foundation and Bridging qualifications occurred between 13 February and 9 March 2015.

Contact for the review

We welcome your input at any stage of the review.  If you wish to contact the qualifications review for any reason, please email

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