Geography Moderator's newsletter

June 2012


Amending assessment resources for Level 1 

91009 Sustainable use of an environment

The intent of this standard differs significantly from the expired standard 90203 that focused on resource use. Understanding of the concept of sustainability of either the use or the environment must be clearly demonstrated.

91011 Research

Students must clearly state the aim of their research.

The findings and conclusions are two different aspects of this standard and should be assessed separately. The findings must incorporate a geographic concept and progress through to the Excellence level. The conclusions relate directly to the aim of the research and only assessed at Achievement and Merit.

91012 Geographic Issue

Describing the strength(s) and weakness(es) at the achievement level is not the same as assessing the strength(s) and weakness(es) required to achieve at the Merit level. When ‘assessing’ students need to make a judgement on the merit of each strength(s) and weakness(es).

91013 Global Topic

Assessment resources that were written for the expired standards need to be modified as they are not compatible with the new standard.

For example "What Santa sees – the world at night" is a very popular topic, but this assessment resource requires the following changes:

  • The first aspect, patterns, progresses to the Excellence level where a full description is required incorporating geographic terms and concepts.
  • The second aspect is processes and/or factors.
  • The third aspect focuses on the significance to people’s lives which is not the same as the significance for people in the expired standard 90207.

Optional teacher selected evidence 

This process continues to be an opportunity for teachers who are using the new Level 2 standards as a means of getting feedback as they may not be included in your schools submission for this year.

For further information refer to SecQual S2012/010

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