Sample External Assessments – Level 1

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Mathematics and Statistics 91027 (1.2)Apply algebraic procedures in solving problems
91027 Sample Exam Paper   91027 Sample Assessment Schedule 91027 Annotated Exemplars: Excellence 91027 Annotated Exemplars: Merit 91027 Annotated Exemplars: Achievement 91027 Annotated Exemplars: Not Achieved
Mathematics and Statistics 91028 (1.3)Investigate relationships between tables, equations and graphs
91028 Sample Exam Paper   91028 Sample Assessment Schedule 91028 Annotated Exemplars: Excellence 91028 Annotated Exemplars: Merit 91028 Annotated Exemplars: Achievement 91028 Annotated Exemplars: Not Achieved
Mathematics and Statistics 91031 (1.6)Apply geometric reasoning in solving problems
91031 Sample Exam Paper   91031 Sample Assessment Schedule 91031 Annotated Exemplars: Excellence 91031 Annotated Exemplars: Merit 91031 Annotated Exemplars: Achievement 91031 Annotated Exemplars: Not Achieved
Mathematics and Statistics 91037 (1.12)Demonstrate understanding of chance and data
91037 Sample Exam Paper 91037 Sample Resource Booklet 91037 Sample Assessment Schedule 91037 Annotated Exemplars: Excellence 91037 Annotated Exemplars: Merit 91037 Annotated Exemplars: Achievement 91037 Annotated Exemplars: Not Achieved


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