Other school qualifications

You may be able to work on national certificates as well as NCEA while at school.

For example, if you are studying materials technology at school, your class might also work on the National Certificate in Elementary Construction Skills. This means you get credits towards NCEA and earn a national certificate at the same time. You can also work on national certificates while you’re at school if you enrol in Gateway or STAR programmes.

The qualifications are classed "school-related" and they are awarded to you automatically when you have the required credits. You don’t have to apply.

The qualifications are checked automatically, along with the NCEAs, in January each year. You may be surprised to see these added to your records!

Why earn national certificates?

  • You can follow a particular interest, which could motivate you to study!
  • When you leave school you have an industry qualification as well as a school qualification
  • The credits you earn for the national certificate (and NCEA) are transportable. So you can take these credits with you into other tertiary or workplace training.
  • They are recognised by employers.

Qualifications available

A large number of Qualifications are deemed to be 'school-related'. Schools are able to suggest additional qualifications be added to the list.  See the full list of qualifications.  Some of the most commonly awarded include National Certificates in:


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