Changes to standards and national qualifications

Standards and national qualifications are reviewed on a regular basis.  They may also be revised if changes need to be made outside of the formal review process.

In a revision, changes are made to unit standards or national qualifications that maintain the achievability of the standard or qualification until it is next reviewed.  Evidence of appropriate consultation is provided in support of the proposed changes.  A revised standard or national qualification is published as a new version, but retains its original registration date.

review is a planned process that involves consultation with all stakeholder groups, and results in a new version of a standard or national qualification, which is deemed fit for purpose.  Reviewed standards and national qualifications are normally re-registered for a period of five years.

For transition arrangements, see Transitioning from current qualifications to New Zealand qualifications

For more information on review and revision processes, see:

Changes to unit standards

Changes to national qualifications

Communication of changes

DAS and national qualifications monthly update lists all of the new standards and national qualifications listed on the DAS and NZQF in the month, along with lists of standards and qualifications to which changes have been made (revision or review).  It is published at the same time as new standards and national qualifications are listed.

Change reports for DAS standards and national qualifications provide a monthly index of change reports for standards and national qualifications. Change reports cover: 

  • the rationale for the review
  • the changes made as a result of the review
  • extensions in the scope of provider accreditation
  • national qualifications that reviewed standards are a part of
  • information about transition to new versions of standards or national qualifications.
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