Transitioning from current Qualifications to New Zealand Qualifications - effective from 11 June 2015

transition current quals to nz quals 


The above process and timeline apply unless it can be demonstrated that students will be disadvantaged.

Tertiary education organisations ready to change the status of qualifications to expiring or discontinued within the two-year period should advise NZQA at

Arrangements for New Zealand qualifications listed before 1 July 2013

NZQA intends to change the status to expiring of those National and provider qualifications still with a status of current where New Zealand qualifications were listed prior to 1 July 2013 and there are no transition arrangements in place. The change of status takes effect from 31 July 2015.

If an education organisation is not able to meet these timeframes or considers they are unduly affected by these changes, they should contact NZQA ( to discuss their situation, which will be considered on a case-by-case basis.



Qualifications which are expiring are those which are either being replaced with a new qualification or the decision has been made for them to be closed. This will normally be as a result of a review.

The qualification may continue to be available to existing individuals while they complete their programme, but no new learners would be able to enrol. Current candidates will need to complete the qualification before the expiry date.


Qualifications designated as discontinued will no longer be available or awarded.


  1. When do programmes need to be submitted for approval?
    Applications should be submitted for approval once the new qualification has been listed and prior to the status of a National or provider developed qualification being set to expiring, i.e. within 2 years of listing the New Zealand Qualification.
  2. Do I submit an application for a new programme or programme change?
    This will depend on the similarities between the old and new qualification, see the ‘Programme Approval and Accreditation’ guidelines for what constitutes a programme change.
  3. If I am already delivering an approved programme leading to a current qualification in the same area and same level, and I submit an application for a new programme, do I also need to apply for accreditation?

    Category 1 tertiary education providers
    No. Category 1 tertiary education providers that can demonstrate a successful history of delivery in the subject area at the programme level need only supply a statement from the Chief Executive confirming the organisation’s ongoing capability and resources to effectively  and sustainably deliver the programme.

    Category 2 and 3 tertiary education providers
    Yes. You will need to submit a self-assessment report that describes:
    • Capability and resources required to provide the programme (human, physical, and teaching and learning)
    • Overall structure of the programme as it will be delivered including the assessment schedule
    • If relevant, evidence of the formal arrangements made with the programme owner (where this is not the applicant) to deliver the programme.
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