Qualifications and standards


This page provides updates and notices during the unit standards' review.

Approved for Listing


Māori Qualifications Services is pleased to advise that the following unit standard applications were approved for listing on the Directory of Assessment Standards (DAS)

ApprovedStandard IDChange Report
2016 August* 16061 v4, 16063 v4, 16064 v4, 18352 v4, 18353 v4, 18356 v4, 18357 v4, 18362 v4, 29559 v1 Review of Hauora unit standards
14235 v9, 15986 v4, 15997 v4, 16045 v4, 18354 v4, 18355 v4, 18358 v4, 18359 v4, 18360 v4, 18361 v4, 18560 v4, 18566 v4, 19532 v3, 19533 v3, 29583 v1, 29584 v1, 29585 v1, 29586 v1, 29587 v1, 29588 v1, 29589 v1

Review of Hauora unit standards

July 15303 v5, 15305 v5, 15306 v6, 15307 v5, 15313 v5, 15317 v5, 18413 v4, 18414 v4, 18562 v5, 18563 v4, 18564 v4, 18565 v4, 29543 v1 Review and rollover of Hauora unit standards
2015 December 15299 v4, 15300 v4, 15301 v4, 15302 v4, 15303 v4, 15304 v4, 15305 v4, 15306 v5, 15307 v4, 15308 v4, 15309 v4, 15310 v4, 15311 v4, 15312 v4, 15313 v4, 15314 v4, 15315 v5, 15316 v4, 15317 v4, 18363 v4, 18413 v3, 18414 v3, 18560 v3, 18561 v3, 18562 v4, 18563 v3, 18564 v3, 18565 v3, 18566 v3 Review of Hauora unit standards (PDF, 157KB)

*Unit standards approved in August are due to be published on the NZQA website mid-September.

These unit standard documents can be accessed by searching for the unit standards reference number or title.


The following are now closed:

We thank and acknowledge all those who took the time to consider the draft unit standards and provided feedback.

What next


With the completion of the Mandatory Review of Health and Disabilities, Social Services and Whānau Ora qualifications, the Hauroa unit standards are currently being reviewed to ensure that they are relevant and fit for purpose, and align to the graduate profile outcomes of the new qualifications for those who wish to use unit standards as assessment tools in programmes.

The following outlines the updated (April 2016) timeline for this review.

Phase 1 - completed

Commenced January 2016

Review Level 6 Kaupapa Hauora and Tikanga Hauora unit standards to ensure they are relevant and fit for purpose.

Phase 2 - partially completed

Commenced February 2016

Review the Level 1-4 Hauora standards to ensure they are relevant and fit for purpose, and develop new standards to align with the graduate profile outcomes of the new Te Tuapapa Hei Whai i te Ao Marama and Tiaki Kuia, Koroua qualifications.

Phase 3 - ongoing

Commencing June 2016

Develop new standards to align with the graduate profile outcomes of the new Te Pou Tautoko i te Ora, Kaupapa Māori Public Health, and Whānau Ora qualifications.


For the latest information and updates regarding this review, please refer back to this page, or contact Māori Qualifications Services.

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