Qualifications and standards

Māori Performing Arts Standards Review

This page provides updates and notices during the unit standards' review.mpa-ins.jpg

Listed Unit Standards

Māori Qualifications Services is pleased to advise that the review of the Māori Performing Arts unit standards application was submitted for quality assurance for listing on the Directory of Assessment Standards (DAS) in June 2016.




Māori Performance

June 2016

13359, 13360, 13363, 13364, 13367, 13368, 13371-13373, 15019, 15020, 22752-22757, 27698

Māori Performing Arts Teaching

June 2016

13361, 13365, 13369, 13374, 15021, 19909


The Māori Performing Arts unit standards were reviewed as part of their review cycle. The standards were reviewed and amended to ensure that they are relevant and fit for purpose, and that their outcomes are achievable, coherent, and consistent with valid assessment practices.


For the latest information and updates regarding this review, please refer back to this page, or contact Māori Qualifications Services.

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