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Review of Assessment of Learning unit standards

Current developments

Consultation on review closes 31 May 2017

Feedback is invited on draft unit standards from the Assessment of Learning domain.

See the consultation page for more information.


A suite of new qualifications was listed in February 2016 as a result of the mandatory review of Teacher Education qualifications. This included two qualifications in assessment, one in Assessment Practice (Level 4) and one in Assessment (Advanced Practitioner) (Level 6).

In September 2016, the NZQA National Qualifications Services began the review of six Assessment of Learning unit standards (Levels 4-6) currently listed on the Directory of Assessment Standards (DAS). The remaining two standards from this domain (11551 and 11552) had already been considered separately in a review of standards for the Adult and Tertiary Teaching qualifications.

The purpose of this standards review is to ensure:

  • there is a suite of unit standards suitable for those who wish to use them as assessment tools in programmes towards the new qualifications
  • existing standards remain fit for purpose (including development of new standards if needed).

A review panel was selected in September 2016 that reflects the balance of the sector. The panel have:

  • expertise in teaching Assessment of Learning
  • experience in assessment, design and moderation of Assessment of Learning unit standards
  • involvement in Assessment of Learning related projects, reviews and programme implementation
  • commitment to the use of unit standards as assessment tools in programmes
  • commitment to open communication, collaborative problem solving, and team work.


Any feedback or interpretation issues with the Assessment of Learning unit standards that might inform the review panel can be forwarded to nqs@nzqa.govt.nz.

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