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Current developments

The new and reviewed suite of Computing unit standards developed for use as assessment tools for NZ Computing and IT qualifications at Levels 2-4 were approved in December 2016, and will be published shortly.

The new computing unit standards are in the generic computing and computer support domains numbered from 29769 – 29817.  The landscape (DOCX, 41KB) of proposed unit standards towards new NZ qualifications at Levels 2-4 provides details of the standards title and credits by level.  This information may help inform programme development.  Please note that the draft versions of the standards are for reference purposes only at this stage, as no assessment can occur until the standards are published.

The published standards will be able to be accessed by searching for the unit standard reference number here.

NZQA National Qualifications Services thanks all those that have been involved in the project, with special thanks to the working group members for their expert input. 

We appreciate your involvement in this project.

Consultation closed 19 August 2016 - standards submitted for quality assurance October 2016

NZQA National Qualifications Services invited you to provide feedback on the review of current Computing unit standards.  Many of them are proposed to be replaced by new unit standards as a result of the project to develop unit standards for use as assessment tools for New Zealand Computing and IT qualifications at Levels 2-4.

The consultation closed on 19 August 2016, and we thank all who responded to the call for feedback on the standards.  A summary response to the consultation feedback is available (PDF, 207KB).  Further information regarding the consultation can be found on the development and review of Computing unit standards consultation webpage. This includes links to the consultation documents, including the proposed new standards (by qualification level) as at July 2016.

The feedback was used to further refine the Computing unit standards to ensure that they met the needs of the sector before being submitted for quality assurance early October 2016.

Consultation has also closed on the proposed suite of Computing unit standards developed for New Zealand Computing and IT qualifications at Levels 2-4. Further information is available from the review webpage.


A suite of new and reviewed unit standards has been developed to align with the graduate profile outcomes in content and credit value for the following qualifications:

  • NZ Certificate in Computing (User Fundamentals) (Level 2) (40 credits) [Ref: 2591]
  • NZ Certificate in Computing (Intermediate User) (Level 3) (60 credits) [Ref: 2592]
  • NZ Certificate in Computing (Advanced User) (Level 4) (60 credits) [Ref: 2593]
  • NZ Certificate in Information Technology Essentials (Level 4) (60 credits) [Ref: 2594]

In the development of new unit standards for these New Zealand qualifications, duplication of content was identified with some current unit standards.  These unit standards were therefore reviewed and are proposed to be replaced by the new standards, or recommended for expiry without replacement.

All 73 current computing unit standards have been reviewed, and the unit standards in bold are proposed to expire (Category C & D review).  26 current standards are being retained with minor changes (Category B review).





Computer Support

6836, 6852, 6869-6874, 18750, 18753, 18755, 26227

Generic Computing

2780, 2781, 2783-2791, 2792, 2796, 2797, 5940, 5943, 5946, 5947, 5948, 5951, 5952-5954, 5955, 5957, 5968, 6743, 6745, 6746-6748, 6750, 7910,18734, 18742, 18743, 18756, 18758, 20332, 24872, 25655-25658, 25659, 25660-25662, 25782, 26226, 26228, 26229, 26230, 26744, 26745, 26746

Software Development - Programming

2795, 6761, 18739, 18740, 18741

The proposed expiry date is 31 December 2019 for 45 reviewed standards.  Two additional standards, 2780 and 2784, are compulsory requirements for registered National qualifications and are proposed to expire 31 December 2020.

Once the new unit standards have been approved and listed on the NZQF, replaced current unit standards will be designated as ‘expiring’. There will be a transition period to allow time for providers to adjust their programmes and resources to the new unit standards.

Contact for the review

Please send your comments or feedback to computing.review@nzqa.govt.nz.

Completed reviews

For information on 2015 maintenance of Computing unit standards, see Completed Reviews.

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