Reviews of qualifications

The new qualifications are progressively listed on the NZQF as reviews are completed.

Purpose of reviews

Qualifications exist to meet the needs of learners and the broader New Zealand society and economy.

Qualifications need to be reviewed periodically to ensure they remain useful, relevant and fit for purpose.

An initial round of reviews of levels 1-6 qualifications will focus on reducing the duplication and proliferation of qualifications. The aim is to ensure the system is easy to understand, particularly for learners and employers. The reviews commenced in 2011 and will be completed in 2015.

The initial reviews looked at qualifications in groups to ensure they met the overall needs of a sector. The reviews also ensured that all qualifications are aligned with the new rules for listing qualifications on the NZQF.

Qualifications will then be reviewed at least every five years to ensure they remain fit for purpose. Qualifications in sectors where there is rapid change, such as information technology or digital media, may need to be reviewed more frequently than those sectors where the pace of change is slower.

Key points

  • Reviews aim to reduce duplication and proliferation of qualifications.
  • Reviews aim to ensure that the range of qualifications, and associated further educational or employment opportunities, are easy to understand for learners and employers.
  • NZQA worked with qualification developers and providers to ensure groups or clusters of qualifications being reviewed were appropriate, comprehensive and a good fit with overarching sector objectives.
  • Proposed timeframes for reviews will be posted by NZQA on the Qualifications Review Schedule and confirmed with relevant qualification developers.
  • NZQA’s role is to maintain oversight of the review process and its outcomes. NZQA also provides support for qualification developers to understand and meet the new requirements for listing qualification at levels 1-6 on the NZQF. 
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