Guidelines for reviews of qualifications

NZQA has produced Guidelines for the review of qualifications at levels 1 to 6 on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework (PDF, 1.6MB).

The guidelines set out NZQA’s expectations and requirements for the reviews of qualifications. They also assist qualification developers with current qualifications listed on the NZQF to meet the requirements.

Guidelines revised July 2011

The guidelines were revised in July 2011 following the first round of reviews to clarify both the governance and operation of reviews. They include more detailed information about NZQA’s expectations in terms of review participants’ decision-making and reporting.

Templates for reporting on reviews and outcomes

A template, Report of the Qualifications Review (NZQF 5) (DOC, 64KB), has been developed to make reporting requirements clear and explicit. The template should be used to prepare reports on reviews and submitted, with supporting documents, to NZQA for approval

A form, Outcomes of a Qualification Review: Changing the status of current qualifications (NZQF 6) (DOC, 46KB), has also been developed. This is to enable each organisation with a qualification(s) to confirm their acceptance of the new suite of qualifications arising from the review. This form also enables qualification developers to advise NZQA of any resultant change in status to their current qualifications on the NZQF with an indicative date on which it will take effect.

Each new qualification should be submitted to NZQA for approval and listing on the NZQF using the template: Application for approval of a qualification at levels 1-6 (NZQF3) (DOC, 118KB).

Practice notes share qualifications review experiences

NZQA has developed a series of practice notes based on experiences with the qualifications reviews.

Practice Note 1: Developing effective decision-making structures

Practice Note 2: Submitting quality evidence for new qualifications

Practice Note 3: Writing a graduate profile – the industry training organisation experience

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