Feedback: Reviewed Reo Māori Media

Closed 28 Apr 2017

Now closed. Please refer to (page) for more information

Māori Qualifications Services invites you to provide feedback on a suite of reviewed unit standards in Reo Māori Media. Feedback received will be used by the Whakaruruhau to ensure that the unit standards are fit for purpose and relevant.

Comments about these reviewed unit standards should be sent to NZQA Māori Qualifications Services by close of business, Friday 28 April 2017.

Important note: The draft versions of these standards are for consultation purposes only. No assessment can occur against this version of these standards until the listed versions are published.

Download: Reo Māori Media Unit Standards Matrix (PDF, 138KB).

Level 4

ID Ver Title Credits
New1 1 Analyse the role of the media in New Zealand 5
New2 1 Examine transmission platforms in terms of features and future uses within reo Māori media 15
16036 1 Analyse media coverage of a Māori historical event 5
19748 4 Demonstrate knowledge of the history and political development of reo Māori media in Aotearoa 5
19749 4 Explain the significance of the Treaty of Waitangi in the development of broadcasting in Aotearoa 5
26256 4  Examine and profile key roles and explore potential employment opportunities, within reo Māori media industry 5
26257 2 Profile current reo Māori media stakeholder organisations, production houses 10
26258 3 Examine the functions of the Broadcasting Standards Authority in relation to reo Māori media 10
26259 3 Write scripts about events, and ngā tohu a Tawhirimātea in te reo Māori for broadcast on reo Māori radio 15

Level 5

ID Ver Title Credits
20701 4 Apply reo Māori to live media commentary 15
 20702 4 Apply knowledge of the maramataka to reo Māori media 25
20703 4 Apply creative writing to reo Māori media 10
20704 4 Write kawenga kōrero for reo Māori media 10
20705 4 Analyse Māori participation in Central Government processes for reo Māori media 5
20706 4 Identify, analyse and explain tikanga Māori and ethical behaviour in the media industry: explore and plan strategies for tikanga Māori in media situations 15
20707 4 Demonstrate knowledge of, and report on local government processes that impact on Māori 10
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