Recognising learning for credit: Guidelines for the recognition and award of credit for learning

CRT and RPL: TEO's responsibilities

Tertiary education organisations have a range of opportunities to support and promote CRT and RPL through their overall systems and regulations; and the information, advice, and support provided to learners.

Learners can face real and opportunity costs where their existing relevant learning is not recognised or credited. As such, while making information about CRT and RPL processes available to learners is important, TEOs are also expected to be proactive about engaging with learners at the point of enrolment to determine whether they are likely to have existing learning that can contribute to the graduate outcomes of the qualification.

Effective assessment for recognising learning and award of credit is strengthened when CRT and RPL policies and practices are integrated into a TEO’s quality management and academic systems.

TEOs seeking programme and training scheme approval are required to have clear, relevant, and appropriate regulations that specify requirements for credit recognition and transfer and the recognition of prior learning (NZQA approval and accreditation rules 2013, rule 4, criterion 5).

TEOs must balance the opportunities for learners to progress without repeating learning with maintaining confidence in the integrity of qualifications and other learning.

Key features of effective CRT and RPL policies and practices place the learner at the centre of consideration, and focus on the learning they have obtained.

TEOs should:

  • integrate CRT/RPL into their overall systems, regulations, policies and practice. Examples include each of programme development, approval and review, assessment and moderation, organisational self-assessment and external review
  • approve appropriate quality assurance and academic regulations, policies and procedures that apply across all learning areas of the organisation
  • promote, through all relevant means, information about the requirements for CRT/RPL
  • provide accessible academic advice and support to assist learners apply for credit recognised through CRT/RPL
  • ensure decisions about CRT/RPL are timely, transparent, robust, consistent and defensible and for the maximum benefit of learners.
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